Yes I did, and I’m not proud…

Yes. Yes I did. And I feel dirty. I’m not proud.

I couldn’t help myself, but it’s just too good.


I went back to WordPress 

b2Evo was fine, and was working OK, but the one thing I really value after setting up the writing environment for any site I create is a valid one: Aesthetics.

The theme options for b2Evo were, as mentioned previously, mediocre at best. The best theme I could find (Pyrmont), still looked like a 5 year old WordPress theme. Which wasn’t too bad, as the rest of them all look like 10 year old WordPress themes!

So, I’ve taken extra precautions to try and strengthen and protect the installation, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this time, the Bot Nets will leave me alone 

As a CMS, b2 was also severely lacking in plugins and security measures, but this is largely because it lacks one thing WordPress has in abundance: Community. If you ran into a problem with it, you were pretty much on your own to try and tackle it. Which is unfortunate, because it could be a great alternative to WP, but it really needs a lot of investment and ideas being put into action by the Devs, and to put itself out to a bigger community. As it stands however, from reading the forums on their official website and their continually out of date manuals, it seems to be stagnating with only intermittent developer interaction and involvement.

So, I drink, alas, from the poisoned chalice once again.

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