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Month: April 2015

On the hunt…

So, given that WoD is universally agreed as being dull as all hell, I’ve taken to getting my hunter geared for raiding purposes.

This is usually something I don’t do until towards the end of an expansion, until no more gear is on the horizon for my pally and no more content is coming down the pipeline. However the ball aching lack of anything meaningful to do ATM means I need to keep myself busy lest I just quit completely.

So LFR got its first complete run through from me at the weekend, and I managed to get the hunter up 13 ilevels from 635 to 648, and likely over 650 before the reset once I get the 2nd stage of the legendary ring quest done.

Which is likely to be as far as I get with her on it, because there is absolutely no fucking way on earth I am going through this bloody rune phase again on another char.

An abysmal quest chain and grind all round, at least the welfare legendary in Mists had an interesting story and protagonist to go with it. This time?


Criminal waste of Tony Amendola as Gandalf Medivh Khadgar, and just a really grindy grind for such a meagre reward at the end of it all – a ring with an on use effect that can be trolled so fucking hard by strangers in LFRs/LFDs. Because for some unfathomable stupid ass reason, Blizzard are seeing fit to not only give the final legendary ring an on use effect, but one that is shared by everyone in your role in the raid.

So all the dps will be at the mercy of trolls for their +25% damage buff going off at the right time, ditto healers and tanks.

And the tank one is just badly thought out in practice. Its a shared damage reduction and heal based off of the amount mitigated. But only one tank is usually actively tanking the boss at any one time in a standard boss encounter, so therefore the shared buff is wasted for the off tank.


Seriously. I don’t know what the hell is going on with Blizzard’s wow team these days, but heads really should roll once WoD is done and dusted after 6.2, because at this point Cataclysm has lost its crown as king of the shit expansions.

And I’m getting tired of hearing myself berate the poorness of this expansion. I really am.

At least Beast Mastery is viable again.