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Content vs Consumption: The lie behind the spin.

Why Blizzard are REALLY cutting flight

Click it to get the original size graphic!

Update: Forgot to include the Pandaren starter zone, so that takes Mists up to 11 zones!

The Infographic says it all. I may have to take another run at those Wrath figures, because they do seem a tad high, despite the fact the Wrath zones had tonnes of quests, and there were all the dungeon and raid quests (RIP) and all the Argent tournament related quests.

The resulting figures do state pretty clearly that so far in WoD we’re still sitting at about 66% of the content of the previously most sparse expansion, ironically Burning Crusade.

Despite the fact that SoO was a thing for 14 months, because we were repeatedly told that WoD was taking so long because they were getting their new super-sized WoW team up to speed.

This was a group of employees resourced from the corpse of Titan, and figures ranged from 150-200% of the size of the team that produced Mists etc.

The other thing that’s very clear is that Cataclysm was one hell of a job content wise. Over 3 times the content of WoD, 2-3 months faster, with 50-66% of the staff.

Can we re-hire those guys again?

And I didn’t even mention that flight being removed is pretty likely being done because it means they can stretch out less content even further as players travel slower without flight, especially when they’re inconvenienced by packs of mobs or terrain funneled detours, travelling at 160-200% speed as opposed to 400-430% speed with flight.


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Update: Audrena pointed out the 6.0 stealth nerfs to overall mounted speed:

Forgot to mention that above, so thanks Audrena! πŸ™‚

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