An issued challenge, certain to be failed.

A challenge.

To those who were against flight’s return.

To those who took great joy in the thousands of posts and tweets of those expressing their dismay at flight’s removal.

To those who cried “fucking whiners” repeatedly in response to the above.

To those who rolled their eyes when people un-subbed from the game because it was such a “minor thing”.

To those who kept telling us that flight wasn’t necessary and that there were plenty of flight points and mage tower locations to get around Draenor “just fine” with.

To those amongst you who were more than happy to see a fundamentally fun part of the game ripped from people that it mattered to greatly, because it didn’t matter to you.

To those who were gloating over the past 2½ weeks because other people’s sadness fuels your happiness.


I give you this challenge:

Hold to your principles.

Play the game YOUR way, not the way anyone else wants you to play it.

Don’t go through all the hoops required for flight.

Don’t enable flying for all your characters.

Don’t go back on your convictions that ground based game-play is the best way to play World of Warcraft.

Don’t betray your principles.

Prove that travel in Draenor is fine without flight, and that flight points and mage tower locations are “just fine”.

Prove that flight is “only a minor thing” and not worth all that work to go through to get it.

I dare you.

I’ll be watching your meta-achievements on the armory, don’t you worry.


I’m willing to bet that not a single solitary one of you killjoys will stick to your guns.

I bet not a single one of you will hold to your convictions, and that your “convictions” and your “principles” will turn out to be nothing more than the trolling words of some very sad individuals.


Go on then.