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Twitter Game Giveaways: Full Details & Restrictions #sarsfreegamegifts

Ok, so I’ve got quite a stash of games to give away that I’ve already purchased on Steam, and have got duplicates of in Bundles, or as mystery gifts from the likes of @Bundlestars.

So what I’ll do is give away 1 game/addon every Saturday, starting on 11th July. Giveaways will be at whatever time on a Saturday I get all the entries collated and pick an entrant at random.

How to go about entering?

Follow me on Twitter, and retweet the giveaway tweet you’ll see each Saturday after the previous week’s winner has been announced.


Each giveaway will be open therefore for a full week before a winner is chosen. This giveaway streak will last for about 3-4 months or so before I run out of spare keys to give to people, and will take place at random thereafter as I get stuff that I can’t use personally.

Also, fair warning: Some of these keys may not be transferable, and alas I don’t know which ones or if any at all will fall into this category until I give them away. So apologies if any of you get a key that is unredeemable. You’re getting a chance to get free stuff, no complainers!

What am I giving away?

Some weeks it’ll be full retail games, other weeks it’ll be addons for games (not the actual games themselves). Note that nearly all these full retail games (if not all) are Steam based, so you’ll need a Steam account to redeem these if you’re lucky enough to win. And for some of them I may contact you for your steam username if you’re chosen, as they’re steam gifts which are tradeable between friends.

Some examples of stuff to give away (not in the giveaway order, that will be random):

  1. Wildstar – full retail edition. Gets you grandfathered in for when it goes F2P in the autumn!
  2. Cities: Skylines – full retail edition.
  3. King’s Bounty: Crossworlds – full retail edition
  4. Gunpoint – full retail edition
  5. Bioshock 1 – full retail edition
  6. Bioshock 2 – full retail edition
  7. Steamworld Dig – full retail edition
  8. Darkness 2 – full retail edition
  9. Murdered: Soul Suspect – full retail edition
  10. Company of Heroes – full retail edition
  11. Cities in Motion 2 – full retail edition
  12. Spec Ops: The Line – full retail edition
  13. Half Life 2 – full retail edition
  14. Half Life 2: Episode 2 – full retail edition
  15. Uplink – full retail edition
  16. Frozen Synapse Prime – full retail edition
  17. Magicka Wizard Wars Exclusive Staff and Blade: Addon for Magicka Wizard Wars
  18. PAYDAY 2 Electarodent and Titan Masks: Payday 2 DLCs

Other stuff will be added to the pile as and when I get them and can’t use em!

Again, some of these may be unredeemable, and apologies ahead of time if they aren’t. I’m subject to the whims of Humble Bundle & other bundle companies rules on giving away of keys for games I already own.

Good luck to all entrants over the coming months, and look out for the first giveaway tweet this Saturday for Cities: Skylines!


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