[Guide] Engineering: 1-700 in under 6½ minutes

Yep, it’s really that quick. I used to be a levelling BS/miner, but had wanted to be an engineer on my hunter for a while now. The reason I hadn’t yet was because I was immensely put off by the thought of having to level it 1-600 via old world recipes.

However, what I didn’t realise was with WoD, learning Engineering has been ridiculously simplified (thankfully), and can now be done, from scratch as I did, from 1 to 700 in less time than it takes to walk to the corner shop and buy a pint of milk and back.

How? Well first, let’s sort out the materials you’re going to need for 1-630.

You’ll be producing Stealthman 54‘s all the way, and these each require:

  • 2 x Blackrock Ore
  • 2 x True Iron Ore
  • 2 x Nagrand Arrowbloom

These give a skill up of 4 each time you produce one up until you hit 625 skill. From 625-627 it will turn yellow and drop to 1 skill up per unit, then from 628-630 it will turn green. So for the last 5 skill points a slight element of RNG is introduced as to whether or not you get a skill up, but either way it won’t take much more than the production of 1 unit to give 1 skill up between 625 and 630.

In total for 1-630 you will need:

  • 322-326 x Blackrock Ore
  • 322-326 x True Iron Ore
  • 322-326 x Nagrand Arrowbloom

Once you have your mats, go pick up engineering from the trainer in Warspear/Stormshield.

Pick up Engineering

Pick up Engineering

Like so.

Like so.

Speak to the other guy in that vicinity to purchase Draenor Engineering for approx 100g:

Speak to this guy and purchase Draenor Engineering for 100g

Speak to this guy and purchase Draenor Engineering for 100g

Craft Stealthman 54‘s until you hit 630:

1-631 in 4:32

1-631 in 4:32

I headed back to my garrison and my engineering workshop, and learnt the next pattern from Pozzlow, but the same guy that sold you the Draenor Engineering 1-700 scroll will suffice.

The next stage, 630-700 is a lot more costly in terms of ore, but is equally quick and easy.

In terms of mats, you will need 15 Blackrock and True Iron Ore to produce 1 unit, however you won’t need any more herbs.

In total you will need 1050 of either ore type to complete 630-700 plus an extra 5 True Iron for this next bit: Produce 1 x Secret of Draenor Engineering with your daily cooldown using those 5 extra True Iron ore, and use it to purchase the schematic for Didi’s Delicate Assembly.

Learn this, and as it gives 1 skill up per unit crafted, you will need to produce 70 of them to get you from 630 all the way up to the max of 700:

632-700 in 1:51

632-700 in 1:51

So in summary:

1-630 = 322-326 Blackrock Ore, 322-326 True Iron Ore, 322-326 Nagrand Arrowbloom and 4½ minutes crafting 130+ x Stealthman 54 units.

630-700 = 1050 Blackrock Ore, 1055 True Iron Ore and just under 2 minutes producing 1 x Secret of Draenor Engineering and 70 x Didi’s Delicate Assembly Units.

I hope this has been useful for you, because learning this was a huge boost to my hunter’s utility not only solo, but when out in the world. My cloak-based Goblin Glider tinker has saved my life once already when I got dismounted mid-air for no reason in Pandaria chasing the pet battle tamers there, and it was a looooong way down 🙂

Enjoy your new profession! 



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