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Month: September 2015

Lifting the veil of Sar Crux…

Yep, I’ve changed locations as well as names. For clarity, the following has changed:

Why the change?

Well, over the past 6 months or more, I’ve become a lot more vocal about other things outside of gaming, such as politics, atheism, and so on, alongside the things I’ve always loved like gaming, books, movies etc etc.

I’ve been discussing a lot of these on Twitter, and it didn’t feel quite right talking about the intricacies of socialism vs capitalism with a gaming related twitter handle.

Similarly I follow quite a lot of atheism related folk on twitter, as well as contacting a lot of companies via twitter, and the gaming part of the handle didn’t really sit right.

It’s fine when talking about WoW and gaming related matters of course, but when you’re tweeting Jeremy Corbyn about his policy choices, or insulting David Cameron for his alleged pig fancying, it’s not quite as “grown up” as it could be.

So I sat for hours and hours whilst on holiday in Spain over the past fortnight, and got back yesterday and gave it a lot more thought between then and today, and went through literally dozens of different permutations and combinations of various words that seemed to fit.

The other thing I had to keep in mind was being able to get the name on both Twitter and as a .com domain name. This is the first .com I’ve ever owned, usually opting for .net domain names, but I thought I’d give it a go after reading a few books on blogging and improving my writing whilst on hols.

So I obviously wanted to expand my horizons a bit further, and increase the range of my subject matter beyond merely gaming, and WoW in particular.

So what now?

Needless to say that WoW and games will still form the vast majority of the subject matter on this site and my twitter feed as we go forwards, but the change to at least lifts the shackles of gaming from my hands and gives me the purview to speak on a wider range of topics without it feeling incongruous or ill-fitting.

So I settled on the word Crux, because it seemed a good word to use for the way I want to use this site and twitter feed from now on. I like writing (dur), and I, as best I can, always try to get to the crux of the matter being discussed.

CRUX: noun, plural cruxes, cruces [kroo-seez]
1. a vital, basic, decisive, or pivotal point:
The crux of the trial was his whereabouts at the time of the murder.
2. a cross.
3. something that torments by its puzzling nature; a perplexing difficulty.

This site and my twitter feed will also form the crux of my presence on-line. I will still be making videos, but I’ve never really had the time or energy to pump them out like some YouTube producers can. It’s frequently weeks or even months between videos, and I do feel bad for seemingly abandoning my subscribers there when it gets to be a while since the last video.

I’m getting a new video card this week (The Geforce 970 GTX), so maybe the increased frame-rates and fidelity will inspire me to make videos more often, but I make no promises!

Comments enabled!

To celebrate this mini re-launch, as a test, I’ve enabled comments.

I’ve had these disabled for the past year because of spam, and bots attacking the site when they were enabled last, meaning about a year ago I was plagued with downtime and hacks by Croation/Russian botfarms.

If the same thing happens again, I’ll be immediately disabling all comments once more, so fingers crossed…

Wrapping up….

However what I will be actively trying to do is improve my writing. As I said earlier, I’ve been reading a few books on writing, specifically blogging, and will be trying out some of the tips I’ve garnered from those sources.

Anyhoo, that’s it for this one, I hope you like the new name, it’s subject neutral so I don’t imagine I’ll be changing it again any time soon, which is a relief as it now allows me to spread my author’s wings!

Paragons of Method, finding Serenity in the depths of Midwinter.

So Method died on its ass then.

From Sco (who stays in charge of what remains of Method):

  1. World of Warcraft, and more specifically hardcore raiding is in decline. There is a lack of competition; 2 Horse race versus Paragon each tier. The effort required to raid at a hardcore level (locked away for 2-3 weeks) is not necessarily enjoyed as much as it previously was.
  2. People are motivated to play by different factors and at various levels, as always external factors like money are involved.
  3. Lack of leadership. To state it plainly; the member’s faith in the officer team’s ability to lead due to motivation and drive wasn’t at its strongest. Over time there has been a ‘transfer of power’ between the officer team and the members. For example raid leading was done by Kuznam and certain other activities was being organised by members.
  4. Different views on the Method expansion inside and outside WoW.

The other raiders, in fact the majority of the old Method world first team have moved on to form a new guild on the same server (awkward) named Serenity.

They’ve made a statement, including the following reasoning for the split:

  1. Lack of leadership within the Method guild
  2. Different opinions on the direction of the WoW PvE guild Method and the organisation Method

Ouch. So from that it looks as though the members that left didn’t like or believe in Sco’s leadership. Sco, who I needn’t remind you, just recently quit his job from what I’ve heard in order to manage Method, as a brand, full-time.

Double Ouch.

In terms of Sco’s statement, that means his first point is patently wrong. The majority, if not all of the players that have formed Serenity will still be pushing for world firsts, which means they’ll still be putting in the long ass hours in order to claim victory.

His second point? Directly related to his looking to make a living out of Method, always a risky move in an environment like WoW raiding, which at best has another 5-7 years left in it, certainly less at the very high-end.

As to the third point, isn’t he the GM and therefore leadership of Method?

But it sounds like the last point bears out what a lot of people think was the main factor behind the split. Players didn’t like Method becoming part of a “brand”, and it certainly gives the impression that a lot of them didn’t like Sco making money (or at least trying to make money) off of their hard work in achieving world first ranks. Ouch once more.

In related news, Slootbag and Furty from Midwinter have also decided to join Serenity. This is because Midwinter appears to have pulled a Blood Legion and decided to withdraw from the world first race. It seems that the membership there don’t have the drive to put in the hours any longer.

And that leaves us with Paragon, who I’m sure are both sad for Method & Midwinter, but as the eternal Bridesmaids to the Bridezilla of Method, I’m sure they’re thinking that this is potentially the time for them to shine. Maybe, maybe not.

Regardless, this just proves what I’ve been saying all expansion, that Mythic raiding is ironically both irrelevant and harmful to the raiding community as a whole. Mythic only serves to further the e-peen measuring contest for a rapidly dwindling percentage of players and the fact that it completely locks out all but the fortunate few guilds per server is proof enough of that. Sure, quite a few guilds per server may have one or two mythic kills per tier, but that’s like saying a guild that kills the easiest one or two bosses on heroic is a heroic raiding guild. Sorry bro, but no. That’s a normal mode guild with a few bonus heroic kills to help pad the old server ranking.

I’ve said this before and will likely say it many times hence, but is it really worth locking out the vast majority of the remaining raiding community just to “settle”, what is at its core, a two week long, two horse race in every tier?

Anyone that says yes to that question really needs to come up with a good basis for that claim. For the other 99.7% of the raiding community that doesn’t kill each tier-end boss on Mythic (mainly due to roster issues, not much else), the answer is obviously going to be a big fat no.

The chances are pretty high, that given the time that Serenity now have to settle in and get practised with their new members, that Paragon will again serve as the eternal bridesmaids, only this time to a new Bridezilla.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…

Long term petting, in at the deep end.

So, over this past week I’ve managed to complete a couple of long-term goals.

First up, the legendary ring! Huzzah! Finally managed to get through the chain and get the final reward, Maalus the Blood Drinker. So once I’m back from hols and raiding again, that should give a nice boost to my DPS. Frequently over the past several weeks whenever I’ve not been top DPS, it’s been mainly our raiders that have already gotten their legendary rings that have been beating me.

It took me that wee bit longer to get mine because of course I switched mains a few weeks before HFC opened but couldn’t get gearing the hunter until the final few farm raids because I had to keep tanking at the time. That also meant I couldn’t progress with the collection of the various grindy bits of the various quests; runes, stones, tablets, tomes, yadda yadda yadda.

But, I eventually got there and was pretty pleased to get it done before heading off for a fortnight’s holiday. This will be my first holiday abroad in over 6½ years, so it’s long overdue, I assure you.

The other bucket list item I managed to chalk off this week?

The Celestial Tournament, complete!

This was something I’ve been working on for a very long time. I used to hate levelling pets. It was long, tedious, and annoyed the hell out of me. But over the past few weeks I’ve been working on taking out all the grand master tamers. I started off with the Wrath ones, then onto the Cata, Mists and finally Draenor tamers. This of course opened up the grand master tamer dailies, which are a superb source of XP for levelling pets.

With a pet treat, giving an extra 50% XP, and my Safari Hat from beating 40 tamers giving an extra 10% on top, it means I can level a pet from 1 to 25 in 4 fights.

Yep, 4 fights!

The first fight takes the pet to about level 12/13, 2nd up to 18, 3rd to 22/23, and the last one’s the charm bringing it up to 25.

I usually go for Gargra in Frostfire ridge, then onto Aki in Pandaria, and I stay there and do the Thundering/Whispering Pandaren spirits, Farmer Nishi, Shu, Mo’ruk, Yon and finally Hyuna. Doing this I can level a couple of pets to 25 without much fuss, as I have set duos for all these tamers, with which I can throw in my levelling pet and get that sweet, sweet XP.

So once I got the necessary pets levelled off I went to the Timeless Isle. I followed this guide, and I thoroughly recommend it, as it’s faultless in its content, and there’s even 1 single weak spot in the entire strategy (round 7 against Xuen: If he crits you, quit and restart) that the author points out.

Following that guide with the eponymous 18 pets I was very much on for a win. It took a few goes to get past some shitty RNG crits by the NPCs, but a straight run through all 7 tamers/Celestials takes less than 45 mins.

So which pet did I go for?

Well, initially I wanted to do the tournament for the Zao calfling pet. I felt it represented the role I played at the time very well, and I wanted him because he looked so damned cute too.

However given my change of role, I felt it didn’t represent me as a player (listen to me, pretentious shit eh?), so it was a difficult choice between Xu-Fu and Chi-Chi.

In the end, and 4 tamer fights later:

Thank you for being so damned easy Courageous Yon!

So that was that. I was done and another long-term goal notched off the list.

Going on holiday has never felt sweeter.