6.2.3 is now Live!

Well 6.2.3 went live this week, and with it several things of note:

  • Cataclysm Timewalking dungeons.
  • One additional dungeon for Timewalking during TBC and Wrath events.
  • Valor Points, for…
  • MoP-style 2/2 item upgrades boosting items in item level by 5 per upgrade at a cost of 250VP per upgrade.
  • Grove Warden Moose* & Infinite Dragon Mounts (Heroic Archi & Timewalking bosses respectively).
  • Mythic HFC is now Cross Realm.
  • Mythic 5 mans now have item levels of 685 to 725.
  • Tanaan Baleful token drops can create items that range in item level anywhere between 655 and 695.
  • Felblight drops have been increased from gathering professions by about 20%.
  • 4-15% damage buffs for DKs, Druids, Paladins, Shamans and Warriors.
  • PvP season 3.

One little oddity I noticed:

  • Mirror of the Blademaster now summon magical blades as guardians, instead of mirror images of the caster.

This is probably a log issue, as the mirror images used to be targetable and carried the caster’s name.

All in all not bad for a minor (x.x.x) patch, and on a par with the so-called “major” (x.x) patch that was 6.1, which brought Heirloom Tab & Belf Model updates and…not a lot else from memory?

Already run my 5 TW dungeons for the event quest, and got my first batch of 500VP. I used that to upgrade my gun, but as yet the armory or ingame are not updated behind the scenes to handle displaying the increase in ilevel on the item itself.

Someday Blizzard, someday…

Oh, and watch out for the Fel Reaver in Warspear/Stormshield! 

*Further post about getting this coming in a bit!

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