#friendshipmoose – Bringing the WoW Community together

The WoW community on Twitter is a wonderful and amazing thing, y’know?

Mooooose is a deferred drop from Heroic Archimonde. Deferred in the sense that he drops a quest item that leads directly to the Mooooose itself.

People on Twitter have taken it upon themselves to organise runs to not only get players their mount, but to also get people geared up enough to be able to partake in an Heroic Archimonde kill to get it.

The typical players that will be looking to make use of this are players that never see Heroic end-game, and in some cases barely ever see normal mode end-game that are being brought along and given a shot at the mount. I say shot, but it’s a guaranteed drop since 6.2.3 went live, and will only be hanging around until Legion. Once Legion drops, in about, oh say 10 months from now, it’ll presumably be gone for good, just like the Garrosh heirloom drops in Mists.

This is why the WoW community on Twitter are so great. Regardless of faction, region, class or spec, the community has come together to organise these runs to get anyone their gear and their mount.

If you’re interested then you can contact the following peeps:

Some of the signups are temporarily closed due to high demand, but keep an eye on the relevant twitter feed for your faction & region for signups opening up again!

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