Legion: Alpha is Live!

So, Legion beta alpha has gone live, and so far the only people with access are those that are either chummy with the devs, have loads of viewers/subscribers on Twitch/YouTube, or have tonnes of readers/followers on Twitter.

Obviously I fall into none of the above categories, so no Alpha here as yet 😛

So far though what I’ve been seeing from others who are in the alpha are limited. Alpha itself is limited to creating Demon Hunters at the moment, but datamining has pulled out both massive lore spoilers (none here), and some nice shots for the various class halls.

The first ones I’ve really liked the look of were the Paladin and Priest halls:


Paladin Class Hall

Paladin Class Hall

The paladin class order hall is really lovely. It’s probably my favourite so far from all of the ones I’ve seen. It’s really classy and evinces a very holy and devout atmosphere. Great job by the devs and art team so far on this one.


Priest Class Hall

Priest Class Hall

I like the Priest class hall for pretty similar reasons as the Paladin one. It has an appropriately designed aesthetic and looks pretty cosy as well.

I’ve seen the Hunter Class Hall, and tbh, I’m getting Horde Garrison flashbacks:


Hunter Class Hall: Exterior shots

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That said, the interior looks ok:

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Hunter Class Hall: Interior

Hunter Class Hall: Interior shots

Could be worse though, could be the Warlock one, which I have a feeling will look very similar to the Demon Hunter one.

I’ll be avoiding printing any major lore spoilers here, and if you’re looking to avoid reading any I strongly advise staying the hell away from MMO-C, WoWhead etc over the next few weeks…


  1. Building wise, it looks alright. I’m so glad that its elven and not a tattered orc building. The environment however… I’m not happy with. For alliance players I’m sure it’s refreshing but as a horde player more snow for another year sigh. Would look a lot nicer in a forest and would be more fitting to the fantasy of a hunter.

    • Yep, forest would be a great call. Ideally I’d have liked it in Grizzly Hills, but was happy with Highmountain. Then came the snow…

      The building itself though, looks a bit on the small side to be a place where all the hunters of Azeroth are meant to be gathering in order to take on the Legion!

  2. Am I the only person in the world who loves the horde garison? I cringe every time I log into my ally hunters, but the horde one is amazing. We get to hang out around a fire with thrall! Anyhow, I of course also like the snow and bonfire at the hunter order hall. I was hoping it would be a tauren themed building, but I suppose there’s already too many nelf hunting lodges in the world, so they just stuck with it… meh…

    • I’m the opposite, I absolutely love the Alliance Garrison. I think it’s not only a beautiful setup with regards to building aesthetic, but the environment in Shadowmoon, particularly around the garrison location is absolutely stunning looking.

      In contrast the Horde garrison just looks like a hodge-podge collection of orc-tents stuck around a big pit with a fire in the middle. It just seems very lacklustre in comparison :/

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