Legion Alpha: A nightmare for lore fanatics

With Legion possibly not due out for another 7-10 months, and Alpha now entering its 3rd/4th week, I’m wondering at the moment if having public access this early is ultimately a good idea, specifically for story & lore reasons…

Now I say this as a person that doesn’t really mind spoilers, and I do think that the community at large has done a pretty decent job of keeping lore spoilers to a complete minimum. Usually you’d see threads on the MMOC forums screaming them right up front in the thread title: “Varian to marry Sylvanas? WTF BLIZZTARDS>!?” etc etc 🙂

But I wonder how long the community can reasonably be expected to keep a lid on major plot points and NPC character progression? Particularly for those that reasonably don’t want to be spoiled ahead of time, and experience it for themselves?

In terms of testing mechanics, systems and new technologies, yes, an early Alpha/Beta is undoubtedly a great thing. The more fingers prodding the sooner they’ll find something to break! 🙂

There are some systems coming in Legion that will really need thorough testing before hitting live, such as the scaling tech out in the world, the transmog wardrobe, survival hunter rotations etc, and these are ideal for alpha/beta testing.

But should lore and plot progression really be in the alpha at this very early stage? And I mean MAJOR lore and character changes that would have been best kept for later beta stages.

As it stands, I really feel sorry for the spoiler-phobic lore junkies amongst you in the community, because the next 10 months or so are going to be an incredibly nervy time for you… 

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