The long and winding road to fitness

The long and winding road to fitness

28/03/2016 2 By Sar

If not fitness, at least being healthier

So today I bought myself a Fitbit Blaze, a fitness watch and smart watch. Not quite as snazzy as the Apple Watch, but it’s snazzy enough, and it does nearly everything I’d want a device like this to do.

I am 5ft 9 inches tall.

Side note, for years I thought I was 5’8″, then I measured myself today and imagine my surprise when I saw I was just over 175cm, or 5’9″.

At that height, and at a weight of 14½ stone (or 203lb for the yanks), my BMI is in the red. Bordering on the Obese end of the Overweight section, I have a BMI of about 30 (a smidge under).

For me to be healthy at my current weight I’d need to be 6’5″, which I’m clearly not 

So for me to be healthy at this height, I need to lose at least 2 stone, or 28lb, and to get to an ideal weight, I need to slightly more than double that loss, and lose about 60lbs.


Why yes, I do have hairy arms, thanks for noticing!

So the Blaze was bought in an effort to make me control my calorie intake, and to constantly monitor my heart rate, steps taken, sleep patterns etc.

I don’t like losing when a goal is somewhat easily attainable, albeit with some effort and a little self-control. I can already feel the presence of this on my wrist starting to work, as I’m aware of how many calories I should now be consuming (about 700 less than I thought), and it hopefully will motivate me to be a bit more active as well.

My initial, easy start, target is a mere 6,000 steps per day. It’s not much, but it’s about 50% more than what I usually do on a given weekday. As you probably know I work in IT, and it’s a fairly sedentary job, so I don’t get to do much in the way of exercise in my daily grind.

Once I’m regularly hitting 6k per day, I’ll up it to 6.5, then 7 etc, until I’m at the recommended minimum of 10,000 steps per day.

Once I’m at that? Then I’ll start maybe doing some light jogging. We’ll see though, because I hate exercise 

£160 well spent?

Hopefully that’s a big (not fat) yes.