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Legion: Coming 30/08/2016!

So, only 3 weeks prior to that “On or before 21st Sep 2016” date….nice.

So Legion is coming in 4 and a bit months from the time of writing, so that means the systems patch should be with us in early July.

After a bit of thought, calling the pre-patch dates as 5th – 6th July. That’s the week after the film comes out on June 30th.

That pre-patch date gives us 11 weeks (or 19 wks to expac release) from today to:

  • Hit gold caps (I should get this one done!)
  • Fill bags with transmogs for the Wardrobe feature to get a headstart on that “…the Fabulous” title!
  • Clear Normal/Heroic/Mythic HFC.
  • Level and/or Gear any remaining alts.
  • Play your classes before they change irrevocably (Hunters, you know dem feels, amirite?)
  • Spend time with your loved ones.
  • Spend time above ground and see daylight.

That also means of course, that Legion pre-purchasers get to play with their new Demon Hunters about August 23rd onwards.

And of course we should get Gnome Hunters at the start of July with the systems/pre patch!

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