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Month: July 2016

The Guide to Taming Thok

Thok, the Devilsaur from Siege of Orgrimmar in MoP is a gorgeous big beastie. The good news, for BM hunters at least, is that with 7.0 he is now tamable!


So, how does one go about getting through to Thok, given that he’s over midway through the raid instance, and Galakras, the famously un-soloable fight lies in between you and he?

Well, let’s get into it with this guide to getting there and getting your very own Sparky!

Patch 7.0.3 Impressions

So the pre-patch, 7.0.3 is now live across all regions, and with it come all the changes being made in prep for Legion. So after a full day with the patch, what sort of things did it bring? What did you think about the changes?

Well, let’s break down what I thought into the stuff I loved, and the stuff I hated…

PTR Hunter Preview: The Survival Hunter

Having┬ápreviously had a look at the Beast Master Hunter spec, followed by┬áthe Marksmanship Hunter, we now get around to the spec that’s seen the most change of all: the Survival Hunter spec.

Survival for the longest time has been the red-headed stepchild of the Hunter specs. Never quite up there in terms of popularity or DPS, but it still had its fans, and they were loyal fans as well. So it was quite a niche spec. However Blizzard with the coming of Legion, have seen fit to make wholesale and sweeping changes to the spec, and is the first spec in WoW’s history (correct me if I’m wrong) to change roles. Previously a ranged DPS spec it has now become a melee DPS spec.