7.0.3 Pre-Patch is live!

So the changes are upon us, and with it the classes you knew and loved have been changed, to one degree or another, forever.

Or at least until the next expansion 😉

This also means we say goodbye to the best thing about Warlords of Draenor: Garrison gold missions.

Cheer up Toby, you only ruined 1 Spiderman film. Yes Andrew Garfield, I'm looking at you here...

My precious….

Mind you, I’ve only seen 1 single solitary Blingtron’s Secret Vault mission over 6 level 3 garrisons in the past 4/5 months, which was a bit of a shitter, but oh well.

Goodbye to the lovely steady nearly entirely passive stream of gold. Now we’ll have to farm for it again in Legion ;(

That said, Blizzard have seen fit to nerf the gold rewards from 25Hc Cata raids, which used to generate about 2-3k gold per run per instance between dropped gold and vendoring the drops. It’s been nerfed by about 40%, but apparently Wrath and Mists raids have been boosted to compensate.

I’m ok with that 🙂

So with the changes now live, non-PTR players will have the not insignificant task of getting up to speed with all the new changes.

Hunter players particularly, as they are this expansion’s showcase for how different any one class can be from its previous incarnation.

Abilities, talents, specs, roles….hell everything about the Hunter class in totalis has changed overnight.

But at least we get to tame Mechanical pets, plus….Thok! 😀


We will also be getting our brand spanking new Transmog collection wardrobe, which alone made me go and do this:


The fact that the other vendor on the thing is also a repair vendor, meaning I can finally lay my venerable Traveller’s Tundra Mount to rest after 3 expacs, was the final candle on the yak-shaped cake.

And, of course, the one thing that’s making all this otherwise unbearable pain…bearable? Nay, worthwhile even?



No longer just a WoW Modelviewer or PTR experience, I get to play her on Live Servers yo!



So, enjoy/come to terms with the new changes.

The slight niggles in artefact-free rotation between now and Legion’s launch will be somewhat annoying, but just remember that this too will pass.

The changes go live today for the US and tomorrow for the EU, so I guess I’ll see you on the other side….


  1. There is. LFR SoO 😀

    Go to Pandaria, the LFR dude is above the Mogushan dungeon entrance in the Vale, up where Cho told his stories during Mists. 3rd panda on the right, and choose the Underhold IIRC.

    You’ll need to beat Malkorok and Spoils first though.

    I’ll probably put a guide together for it on Sunday, because Malk’s a tad tricky at lower gear levels.

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