Back from Hols, back in the saddle!

So after a holiday that couldn’t have been timed any worse, raiding has begun!

After the launch of Legion I took 8 days off of work in order to get levelled and get some sort of progress on gearing ahead of raids, because 2 weeks into Legion being live I was due to go on holiday for 10 days!


In fairness though, it was booked long before Legion’s launch date was announced, so I blame Blizzard…

Anyhow, it took about a week after getting back before I was in a position to start raiding, so the beginning of the 2nd reset, so you’d think I wouldn’t have missed out on much, right?

Wrong! Thunder managed to clear the entire instance (ok, it’s only 7 bosses, but still) on normal mode, and get our first heroic kill down inside that first reset! 

So, feeling both elated that we’d cleared the raid on normal, but disappointed that I’d managed to miss out on that first clear, last night saw my first raid of Legion taking place.

I started my play session last night with an item level of 837:

  • Levantus (World Boss) gave me an 860 neck: 839
  • A guildie gave me his spare drop of Nythendre’s BiS boots: 840
  • Ursoc gave me nothing.
  • Dragons of Nightmare gave me nothing.
  • Il’gynoth gave me a BiS trinket: 841
  • Renferal gave me nothing.
  • Cenarius gave me a relic upgrade & my BiS cloak: 843
  • Warforged World Quest Belt & Legs: 845

I rocketed up a full eight item levels in one evening!

We very nearly cleared the entire instance on normal mode again in 3 hours, but we got only one pull on Xavius at the end of the night, where we got him to 29%. If we’d had time for another couple of pulls that would’ve done it.

As it stands, we’re back in on Friday night, then resetting for Heroic again to repeat our Nythendre kill and hopefully down Ursoc too at least, to get us to 2/7!

Oh, and yes, I have race changed from a Tauren male to a female Troll. For a while at least 

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