Finally! I’m a Mythic Raider!

So THH have conquered Heroic Nighthold, and have it on farm (we’re able to clear it in about 90 minutes or so), so over the past 3 weeks we’ve been pressing forwards into Mythic Nighthold.

The differences between bosses on Mythic and Heroic isn’t HUGE, not at least for the first three bosses:

  • Skorpyron: Different coloured shards with differing effects to hide behind for shockwave.
  • Chronomatic Anomaly: An extra add in the add phase, on the opposite side from the other.
  • Trilliax: Pretty much the same, except a copy of Trilliax with far less health spawns about 2 minutes into the fight and needs killed ASAP.

So with those three now down and largely on farm, we now begin into the much harder bosses. This is where the real work begins!

We’re working on Krosus for our 4th boss, and so far our best pull is 14% with about 10 seconds left. We would probably have hit enrage, but that’s progress!

We’ve had 2 nights on him so far, and we’ll likely be able to get him down the next Mythic raid night, barring any spectacular screw ups! 🙂

My role so far has been as it was with the harder Heroic bosses, fluid.

For some fights (Skorpyron & Trilliax) I DPS, and for others (Anomaly and so far on Krosus) I’m healing. I’m enjoying the variety, and it means I’m having to try to play two different specs at mythic level. I’m not ignorant to the fact that switching so often sort of restricts how well I can perform at either spec, so I’ll probably max out at about 80% of my ability with both specs, whereas sticking solely as one spec would eke out that remaining 20% in performance.

For me it’s all about preparation, and figuring out where to use my DPS cooldowns, when to pop my pots, when I can afford to move without bleeding damage etc.

Then, last minute before we pull I get asked to heal.

Then I have to quickly figure out if I have enough mana pots, what talents I’m using and hope I can get into a healing mindset PDQ. Because for me playing Balance is a completely different mindset to playing Resto, and it takes a bit of re-adjustment and re-planning what I’m meant to be doing.

I’m an introvert, last minute plan changes?

But when all’s said and done it’s all about killing the bosses as part of a team, and if I need to heal the group or DPS the boss to get us over the line I’m more than happy to do both.

We close this post out with a bit of a rant about Mythic though (you’ve missed them, admit it)!

I’m loving pushing on the harder content finally, as I’ve been striving to do this since Mythic raiding became a thing.

Even if it, as a difficulty, is cancerous to the overall high-end raiding community.

Hell just in the past 24 hours Serenity called it a day, and they join an increasingly long list of Mythic Raiding casualties including Exorsus, From Scratch, Midwinter, Method, Blood Legion et al. Note that that list contains the top 4 guilds in the World First race to down Mythic Guldan (Exorsus/Serenity/Method/From Scratch). The only guild still pushing for world first come Tomb of Sargeras are Limit, who finished 5th in Nighthold.

The others have all thrown in the towel because they’re not prepared to put in the sheer amount of work over the course of an expansion. After all some of them are playing 7 nights a week for 5-6 hours a night when working on World Firsts, so it’s not a huge surprise to see a high level of burnout.

But add in Legion’s AP/Artifact grind on top? Especially on multiple characters? Recipe for disaster in terms of a healthy competitive raiding scene.

Then again I’ve espoused this sort of opinion before about Mythic, and how damaging it is to the same scene. It’s killed more guilds than Heroic 10/25 splits ever did before it, and it will continue to do so for as long as it’s a difficulty level present in the game.

I just hope we can get back to basics next expansion: LFR/Normal/Heroic, proper weapon drops, a removal of the War/Titan-forging system (itself an issue), and proper scaling on bosses (as I don’t think they’ll ever un-flex sub-Mythic raiding now).

The difference between trying to kill Heroic Guldan with 21 people vs using 20 people? 24% more damage on some of his abilities. Yep, that scales well!

So that’ll wrap it up for now, so hopefully this time next week we’ll have Krosus down and begin work on Mythic Aluriel!

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