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Month: June 2017

Coming full circle in the World of Warcraft… (Part Two)

In Part One, I outlined the many problems faced by players of Balance Druids in Nighthold and almost certainly ones that will continue into Tomb of Sargeras:

  • The damage ceiling of the spec is┬ádisturbingly close to the floor for many other damage specs in the game.
  • Damage output is punished cruelly by heavy movement and target switching.
  • Mediocre damage in AoE heavy fights, even though that should be Balance’s niche.
  • Poorest damage of all specs in the game in single target encounters in Nighthold.

So a few weeks ago, I began privately mulling over a change

Ironically, Balance is anything but… (Part One)

When I began playing Balance, it was out of necessity rather than any real desire. I was Horde at the time, and we had more than enough regularly signing tanks and were in need of ranged DPS players, being heavily saturated with melee players as we were.

I enjoyed the new version of Balance and actually still do. I like how it plays, especially in comparison to the older Eclipse mechanic based version of Balance that had been done away with. Yes it is now much simpler, but that is to its benefit IMO.

However, the main problem that Balance has seen all expansion so far, and one that looks certain to continue, is the damage ceiling for the spec.