Awakened, as if from a slumber…

Well hello there! It’s been a few months since I’ve made a post here. The reason for that is mainly because I’ve not had the creative drive to actually sit and think of words to actually lay down on “paper” for a few months.

When I last left you I had just taken up the reins of Raid Leader once again, alongside another raider in my Alliance Guild Treehugging Hippies. Since then I’ve led us through the closure of Nighthold (4 mythic bosses completed), and through all of Normal and Heroic mode Tomb of Sargeras (that Kil’jaeden fight is BASTARD HARD). We’re now progressing our way through Mythic once again, and are currently at 3/9 Mythic ToS, and working on our 4th boss (Sisters) as of last night. We got it to about 50% after about 35 minutes before our time was up, so I’m fairly confident we’ll have it down within a week or so.

As for raid leading, I’m now doing it solo with backup from the other officers, as my co-lead decided he couldn’t commit the time necessary to helping raid lead. Not too worried, as I solo raid-led Thunder for 7 years, so not a big deal, just on the nights where I’m too tired to think straight, or have work to do for my degree and can’t attend.

At least I’m not tanking atm, and don’t have the responsibility of 100% attendance on my shoulders 🙂

I’m still playing my Warlock, although it looked for a short period that I might have had to go back to where I started Legion, tanking on my Bear. One of our healers though has switched mains for the new raid instance, Antorus the Burning Throne, the swansong of the Burning Legion.

And yes, that is my long-term love, my Paladin in the header. I finally got her to 110 and have been gearing her on the side, alongside my Hunter. The Pally is now 896, and my Hunter is now 922, geared enough for Mythic Tomb 😀

The Warlock is top of the heap, sitting at 930+ at the moment, but quite proud my Hunter is less than 10 ilevels behind her despite only ever doing one run of all the instances bar ToV on normal mode! Quite a few pieces of relinquished gear, from the vendor on the Vindicaar, as well as Portal boss drops that come in 930+ flavour.

Just goes to show that raiding, at the moment at least and for the most part, is really its own reward, as it’s possible to gear a character to a similar level to that of a fully kitted out Heroic ToS raider without ever stepping foot in a raid. That’ll obviously change when Antorus opens, but for now, for the altoholics among you, have fun…

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