Antorus: The Burning Throne

Not quite the hot seat we were led to believe…?

So Antorus has just finished its first week as current content, with today seeing the opening of the real Mythic race with the introduction of the EU teams to the race.

We cleared normal in one night (Sunday), and are already over halfway through Heroic.

Needless to say, it’s nowhere near the difficulty level of Tomb of Sargeras, nor would I say it’s as hard as Nighthold. It’s more of an Emerald Nightmare level of difficulty, where Mythic there was cleared inside of a day (18 hours).

As of the time of writing, Method & Exorsus on their first day in there are already 9/11 Mythic cleared, joint first in the world*, and more than likely to clear it on day one.

*Limit are on the same number of bosses at 9/11 but they started their clear with the US reset yesterday, and so have a full 24 hours game time on the other two, EU-based teams, both of whom have a good 7 hours left to go until day 2. If either EU team gets another boss down today they’ll be ahead regardless of what Limit do on their 2nd day.

As for THH, we’ll be looking to clear heroic at this rate in the 2nd reset, 3rd at most.

In a way I’m glad, because after Heroic Tomb of Sargeras (particularly Heroic Kil’Jaeden), where we were banging our heads against that one final fight for 4 weeks, then after finding progression in Mythic pretty tough past 4/9, it’ll be nice to clear the instance quickly on heroic then progress straight into Mythic.

The only worrying thing is if it’s too easy for us on Mythic, and we clear it after a couple of months, that leaves the potential of the end of expansion raiding drought with an antsy/bored raid team, which is never a good thing…

That said, the fights are fun, varied, and the Argus fight itself is VERY fun, with a nice relaxed final phase. The whole “if you die you get ressed” switch up is a real joy to play with, and makes the entire fight a very relaxed and fun affair.

There are a couple of tougher encounters in there, like High Command (we had no idea mines exploded by themselves eventually, so we did it Ulduar hard mode style), Kin’garoth (some ability combos need a bit of work) and Varimathras surprisingly for a Patchwerk boss.

But overall I’ve enjoyed what I’ve cleared so far in Antorus, so here’s to a quick heroic clear and on into Mythic!

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