A new Dawn: These clouds have an Argent lining…

So following the betrayal and collapse of Treehugging Hippies, Azrel and I, alongside Alternative Chat have decided to launch a brand new guild on Argent Dawn!

This is going to be a relaxed guild, with a mixture of social, alt levelling, casual raiding and whatever else takes our fancies!

We will likely raid to some degree in BfA, but we will not be stepping foot in Mythic raids at all. Not that we’re not capable of it, the previous year with THH confirmed that we are, but the cost of running a guild through Mythic content is too high, and puts the very survival of guilds at stake once a clique starts getting greedy and decides they want moar, MOAR!

So we’ll be running heroic at best in BfA, and I for one will be partaking in a lot more mythic+ runs. I didn’t get as many of these done throughout Legion as I’d have liked, but when a group gets together and regularly runs them together, to the exclusion of others, cliques form and potentially give rise to problems. Which is part of the reason why THH collapsed: a clique formed and ripped the heart out of the guild once they decided they were better than some others 🙁

And as you may already know, Argent Dawn is indeed an RP server, however that will not be one of our focuses at all. Sure if members want to RP then have at it! But AD was not chosen for the fact that it’s an RP realm, more for the singular fact that it was the 2nd largest Alliance server outside of Silvermoon. Once BfA hits it’ll become 3rd largest, but none of us wanted to move to Ravencrest while the Legion style, no opt-out, world PvP was still in place.

Oh, and the name of the guild?

Smart Casual!

We have a few THH members who will be coming over with us, but we will likely recruit most of our players from those present on AD itself. I’m looking forward to this. Starting a new guild is a fun challenge, and for the three of us it’s close to our last throw of the dice in WoW. We’ve been burnt and burnt out by attitudes of elitist kids, and we just want to relax, have fun and enjoy playing the game, because after all that’s why we began playing in the first place, isn’t it?

Aside from that I’ve gone decidedly Allied Race crazy since the last post, and BfA pre-purchases went up!

So far I’ve race changed my Warlock & Hunter, rolled a new Priest, Hunter and boosted a mage. All of whom are Void Elves 😀

This was pretty much inevitable, given how much I loved playing Blood Elves when I was maining Horde side, so given that this is essentially the same race, just slightly bluer, then it was a given. And I even made my mage a MALE Void Elf!

I usually roll with females, but the Void Elf males are just so much more Gothic-cool than the Blood Elf males, so using one is actually acceptable to me, for now 🙂

I’ve also rolled a Male Lightforged Draenei Warrior named Sarms (yeah, hush :P), and will probably race change my Paladin at some point to female Lightforged. Maybe.

And the header is the wonderful piece of art I commissioned from Zaelii on Twitter. The full tweet from her with the finished piece is below, and I’m completely in love with it! It’s obviously of my now void elf Warlock, and if I choose a different main in BfA then I’ll probably re-commission her again 😀


  1. I thought about it, and think this should be said here, in public, for the record.

    I’m not joining SC to raid *anything*, and that will include normal mode. It will probably also include LFR if current time restraints continue to be as they currently are. I am here, ostensively, to offer Sar and Az some moral support. Also, I have a fairly strict policy of not blogging about guilds, especially when I am a part of them. I’m pretty much here as the silent partner in the setup, and I’ll be about as a Guildie… but really that’s all it is. It was raiding in all its forms that destroyed my love of this game and that means if the other two guys decided to do stuff, I’ll be politely sitting out.

    I’ll see you on AD soon.

    • And that is exactly as it should be! We all want to play and enjoy what we personally enjoy about the game for ourselves above all others. For some that will indeed be raiding and nothing else, for others it’ll be pet battles, PvP, playing the Auction House, questing, levelling, collecting, just hanging out or a mixture of all of the above.

      I like to try and cover a mix of things, particularly the collection aspect of the game (hence why I love my Hunters so much), but we’ll see if that includes raiding in BfA, but certainly at the moment I’m enjoying the freedom of not having to gear up (beyond what’s needed to complete Mage Tower challenges), or attend at a specific time to raid lead 19 people through a mythic night of wiping 😀

      It’s actually nice to just have time to myself to do whatever, and whenever, and while I was bitterly disappointed at the collapse of THH (and still am), it’s nice to be able to step off the treadmill for a while and assess what I really enjoy in the game.

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