Well, what to say here…

First up, I’m Sar, proprietor of this here establishment, and I’ve been running this website in one form (originally www.the-yarn.net) or another (www.sarcrux.com) for over 20 years, now at www.nerdrooted.com.

A Brief History of my time.

I’m a life long gamer, and my primary interests lie in the RPG genre, either with or without the MMO prefix. Having played games now for over 37 years (yes really) from the days of Pong, right through to the biggest AAA titles of today and beyond. In the MMO sphere I’ve previously been a player of such games as:
  • Everquest
  • Dark Age of Camelot
  • Runes of Magic
  • Runescape
  • City of Heroes
  • City of Villains
But my main game at the moment is the juggernaut that has dominated the MMO genre for over a decade now…

World of Warcraft

Starting off as an Alliance Warlock named Saroth on Kilrogg EU back in 2006, I played for about 9 months before getting bored of the grind in Vanilla WoW. It also didn’t help that I got tempted away by a certain MMO about Superheroes and its villainous sequel. However, after 2 years in City of… I got bored. There was literally no endgame at the time, no level cap raising, nothing to do but reroll time and again. So I picked up Runes of Magic, and at the time, playing it for about a month or so, the similarities between it and a certain other MMO got me to thinking back a few years. So I checked out WoW again, as it had just launched a new expansion a few months prior named Wrath of The Lich King. Having tried Alliance back in Vanilla and finding them possessed of very bland races and questlines, I decided to go Horde this time, and boy was that ever the difference. I started off as a mage named Saruya, and whilst I had fun, the class wasn’t speaking to me as much as I’d have liked. So after 9 months as a mage, even getting as far as raiding in ICC, I decided to roll an alt.

Something different.

Having played a Regen Scrapper in City of Heroes, a class with massive self sustain and survival abilities, and being inspired by the performances in ICC of a guildmate, I rolled a Retribution Paladin. During levelling in Northrend I tried queueing for dungeons, but dps queues were over an hour long. Out of curiosity I tried queueing as a tank and BAM! Instant pop. I got given a baptism of fire by a few guildies in my first run as tank, and I was in, hook line and sinker. So for 6½ years I played as a Prot Paladin, main tanking and raid leading through tier after tier, expansion after expansion. But 6½ years in the same role brought several downsides. First and foremost was the fact that I’d seen everything that Blizzard could throw at tanks from their bag of tricks. Every fight was starting to blur into a greatest hits remix of fights from other tiers and this led to the second problem: challenge. More specifically lack thereof. Being so familiar with the class & spec, I found it extremely easy, even at the hardest difficulties to stay alive and do my job. A good thing you might think, and you’d be right too. But only for so long. After over 7 years and numerous changes to play-style, culminating in Siege of Orgrimmar where Prot Paladin game-play was at both its skill cap (reaction time and toolkit knowledge were paramount) and pinnacle, nothing would push me. Nothing felt like it was worthwhile. So after a detrimental change to play style yet again at the start of Warlords of Draenor, and having stuck at tanking for the entirety of Tier 17, I decided I needed a change, lest I either burnout or quit entirely. And so I changed. After this however, a year following the launch of Legion, I decided to go back to where it all began, and went back to the Alliance. I server transferred most of my characters and am now split between Argent Dawn and Silvermoon. Previously a Mythic raider in Treehugging Hippies, I’ve decided to step back from that treadmill following the implosion of that guild due to Mythic greed, and will raid at heroic level at most in future.

Other stuff about me.

Well, my real name is David, and I’m married with a step-daughter. So, living with 2 women who think they’re always right. Yep. I’m a lifelong Atheist, and politically I lean fairly leftwards, making me a liberal heathen. I also run a YouTube channel which I sometimes upload videos to (not nearly as often as I would like. Getting some quiet time to record commentary is harder than you’d think), and waffle a lot more on here, and even more than that on Twitter. I also love taking great looking screenshots regardless of the game I’m playing, and can usually be found uploading umpteen screenshots onto Twitter. I’m also a degree student currently studying for a BSc Computing & IT degree with the Open University.

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or comments you’ll always get me on Twitter.