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Rather than have a very constrained and necessarily short list of blogs in a column on the right hand side, I thought I’d give it the room it deserves and place it on a page of its own!

I’ll also be listing podcasts and general websites I like on this page. I hope you do too! This is a constant (and initially shorter) work in progress, so you’ll notice things added or removed over time, so no, you’re not going mad 😉
If you have any additions or amendments, let me know in the comments please! 🙂

WoW/Hunter Related

Eyes of the Beast | Follow Bendak on Twitter | Bendak on Blizzard Watch | YouTube
Thrill of the Wild | Follow Delirium on Twitter
The Hunting Party Podcast Twitch Channel | Follow THPP on Twitter
The Cranky Tank | Follow Matt on Twitter | Matt’s YouTube Channel | Twitch Channel | Transmog Collection
Aggronaut | Follow Belghast on Twitter | Aggrochat Podcast | YouTube | Twitch
Realm Maintenance Podcast
Petopia | Forums
MMO Champion | Follow MMO-C on TwitterYouTube

General Gaming

Rock Paper Shotgun | Follow RPS on Twitter
Eurogamer | Follow EG on Twitter | YouTube
TechRaptor Gaming

Atheism Related

Jacelyn Glenn on YouTube
Richard Dawkins | YouTube
Atheism on Reddit

Science Related

Neil Degrasse Tyson Twitter
Star Talk Radio (new)
Science on Reddit
I Fucking Love Science (Facebook)

Game Stores (no affiliate links)

Green Man Gaming
Humble Bundle
Bundle Stars