Choosing a class for Legion? Part 2

Following on from an earlier article, I’ve still been thinking hard about which class and spec I want to choose as my main for Legion, and perhaps beyond. I’m not one for rapidly changing classes or specs, having played my Prot Paladin for over 6 years before changing to my Hunter last year. However given […]

It’s Official: iLevel is the one true stat.

RIP Stats :: #Warcraft ::… — 🌊 Sarah, Shonky Self-Creation 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) April 22, 2016 Chose that tweet to lead with, as it contains a link to Alt’s blog, which, as per the Blogroll page, is always worth a read 🙂 So, to the matter at hand… Fuck those pesky and confusing stats, amirite? […]

Final Tier Lengths: Still a WiP?

Are Blizzard doing any better at shortening the lengthy raid tiers at the end of every expansion? The evidence is damning… Have a look at that header graphic. I’ve reproduced it below, along with a bar chart for your edification, courtesy of @elvinelol on Twitter: 435 days for Hellfire Citadel, by the time Legion launches, […]

Black Desert Online: Launch Week

Or, as I call it, the best damned looking game ever made. So Black Desert launched a couple of days ago for the biggest spenders. The Conqueror’s pre-order pack, which cost a whopping €100, launched for head-start access on 28th February (Sunday). Today sees my Explorer (€50) pre-order launch date, and I’m really excited to […]

The Power of Choice vs the Impact of Change

Or… If it ain’t broke, don’t try to “fix” it… All classes in WoW have seen revamps at some point in the life of the game. Sure, some have been a bit more drastic than others, but it happens. And usually only to a single spec of any class at a given time. However something […]

The Identity of the Final Titan…

This post is going to talk about the Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1 that’s going to be released in March, so if you’re lore-spoiler sensitive then look away now. Mind you these aren’t really spoilers in the in-game sense, as this has nothing to do with Legion, but this will be talking about a few ideas that crop […]

2015: Fine then, bugger off!

So it’s that time of the year again, time for drinks, Auld Lang Syne, and looking forward to what’s ahead: Yep, it’s New Year’s Eve. So 2015 in WoW wasn’t its most shining moment ever in all honesty. Realistically this year will probably go down in WoW history as its worst. Hopefully. Because that means […]