Choosing a class for Legion? Part 2

Following on from an earlier article, I’ve still been thinking hard about which class and spec I want to choose as my main for Legion, and perhaps beyond. I’m not one for rapidly changing classes or specs, having played my Prot Paladin for over 6 years before changing to my Hunter last year. However given the all-encompassing changes that Hunters are seeing in Legion, which may or may not result in an enjoyable experience for me, another change may become inevitable. So, given that it’s a bit further on in the previously Alpha and now Beta process of changes, let’s

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Monk Stuff

Choosing a class for Legion?

Or, what happens when an Atheist joins the Clergy… So, with Hunters seemingly still in a rather disturbing place on Alpha, you’ll probably already be aware that I’ve begun to look further afield for my next class. I’ve decided that I wanted to give full-time healing a go, as it’s the only role I’ve never main specced with during all my years in Azeroth (it’ll be 8 years this year). I’ve obviously done the whole DPS & Tank thing, even at one stage thinking of playing all 5 tank classes. Then I realised how boring Warriors & Druids were to tank

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