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The Identity of the Final Titan…

This post is going to talk about the Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1 that’s going to be released in March, so if you’re lore-spoiler sensitive then look away now.

Mind you these aren’t really spoilers in the in-game sense, as this has nothing to do with Legion, but this will be talking about a few ideas that crop up within the early part of the expansion.


Yeah, that’s right Deadpool: 0_0

Ok, some of us had thought about this previously, and thought that this may be a far-out explanation about why Azeroth is so special.

But not only was it a far-out, crazy thought, but it’s now officially lore!

Azeroth is, or at the very least was, a TITAN.


More specifically, I think I know which Titan. Ready for this?


Aka the One True God of Azeroth

Yes, that Elune. The Night Elf and Tauren deity? Yeah that one.


Or Mu’sha, as she’s named by the Tauren…

Now, why am I coming to that conclusion? What makes me think Elune is a Titan to begin with?

Well, and this is where some small Legion spoilers come into play: In Legion’s levelling experience, we’re searching in each zone for pieces of the Pillar of Creation (echoes of Deepholm here!).

All of these pieces are named after the Titans we’ve known about for ages, like The Hammer of Khaz’goroth etc.

However, curiously, one of them is named Tears of Elune, found in Val’sharah. With all the other Pillars named after known Titans this more or less confirms she/it was in fact an actual Titan, rather than a Naaru, which others had previously posited in the past.

Right, so park that train of thought for a wee bit.

Remember Pandaria? Remember in the Mists legendary questline when Wrathion ate Lei Shen’s heart, and… well have a look for yourself:

We must rebuild the Final Titan…

Remember C’Thun? And Y’Shaarj?

Well Titans fought both, and while the Titans killed Y’shaarj first, a Titan fell during the fight with C’Thun. Remember, this all happened waaaay back millennia ago in Warcraft history, long before the War of the Ancients, long before the Sundering even.

That’s the Titan I think we need to “rebuild”.

But why do I think that it’s Elune specifically?

Well, Elune has been known to communicate with the Night Elves and Tauren directly in the past, which led to them worshipping her as a deity.

Certainly the Night Elves (or Dark Trolls as they were back then) at the Well of Eternity communicated with her quite a lot, believing that she resided within the Well itself during daylight hours.

This interaction lead them to understand Titanic (the language of the Titans), their own history, and the history of Azeroth itself. Meanwhile the powers of the Well were physically evolving them from their nascent Troll forms into the more graceful, lithe forms we come to recognise today as Night Elves.

This surely wouldn’t have been possible if Elune hadn’t been on Azeroth to communicate with them in the first place?

Elune has to have been present on Azeroth and directly guiding the Night Elves. However she hasn’t had a physical form for as long as the Night Elves have been aware of her, present merely as “a calming spirit that abhors violence”.

The Titans

We know that the Titans themselves are physically gigantic, metallic beings.

How I think they come to possess physical form, is that the world-spirit that is born within what otherwise looks to be a normal planet, is imbued within this constructed, or artificial physical form. This form can be destroyed, certainly, but the spirit lives on, able to be re-imbued into another physical body.

That’s why we have to rebuild the Final Titan: Azeroth, aka Elune.

That explains why Sargeras has such a burning desire to destroy Azeroth, because it houses the one thing capable of destroying him: another Titan.

I believe that this massive incoming lore dump, one that answers so many long-standing questions, is yet another indicator that Warcraft is tying up loose ends. Tidying up lore answers in preparation for the true end-game: Taking on Sargeras.

Things on the Warcraft to-do list:

  1. Create the Army of Light, led by Anduin, as foretold by Velen.
  2. Rebuild the final Titan.
  3. Utterly destroy the Burning Legion once and for all.
  4. Seek out and destroy/redeem Sargeras.

By the end of Legion, I strongly believe we’ll have taken care of #1 on that list. Why? Well, that’s neck-deep into Legion spoiler territory:

[su_spoiler title=”MASSIVE Legion Spoilers within!“]King Varian Wrynn dies (or at the very least goes missing (again?)) very early on in Legion. This leaves an older Anduin Wrynn as the new King of Stormwind.

It is from this position I believe he will end hostilities with the Horde fully, and both factions will come together to form the Army of Light.

Anduin has been positioned over the past several expansions as the new Jaina. The Alliance character who knows Azeroth’s only chance of survival against the Burning Legion is to work together, not against one another.

This means the formation of the prophesied Army of Light.

Possibly a third faction? Or perhaps the removal of the faction system altogether?

Who knows, but we’re getting there![/su_spoiler]

So, both in-game and out, we’ll be seeing major strides forwards in terms of the storyline, and making progress towards the true Warcraft finalé: The battle with Sargeras.

By the way, interesting tidbit of info: Do you know what the original name of the Tomb of Sargeras was, before it became known as that?

Answer: The Temple of Elune.

Yeah. Whoah, indeed.