Last night I joined an Elite Club…

Always believe in your soul You’ve got the power to know You’re indestructible Always believe in, because you are Gold This has been something on my WoW wish-list for nigh on 10 years since I began playing in vanilla, quit, then finally picked up again in Wrath. I’ve played continuously since March 2009, without a […]

Nostalrius: The Inevitable Post (Updated)

Or, what happens when people get confused about what they actually want… So Nostalrius, the “fan” managed “vanilla” server was forced to be closed down by Blizzard. Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: Blizzard were absolutely in the right here. This was essentially an illegal mis-use of Blizzard’s IP, and if they hadn’t closed […]

Why Arathi Basin is like Kim Kardashian…

Or why the sudden rush for E-Sports… And no, it’s not because both have been used more often than is probably healthy… Reality TV. The bane of discerning television viewers everywhere. It’s cheap, frequently tawdry, and requires little to absolutely no effort on behalf of the programme makers to film and put together. Think of Doctor […]

Linux: A torrid love affair

Dental check up then home to fix a broken grub2 on my pc, as I've lost boot ability into both Linux and windows. Yay. 👍 — Sar (@nerdrooted) February 17, 2016 I have an on and off (mainly off) love affair with Linux. I’ve been using it on a sparse basis for years, whilst using […]

Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

So it’s Xmas time again, Winterveil is currently in effect on Azeroth, and we’re all looking forward to seeing a fat man emptying his sack all over our living rooms late at night… Christmas came early for me and a lot of other geeks this year, with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on […]