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Review: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

The middle film in any trilogy is always simultaneously the easiest, yet most difficult film to both judge and make. No responsibility to set the standards like the original, nor the responsibility to tie up loose ends and provide resolution to the genetic heritage of its forbearers like the finale. The middle child is free…

By Sar 20/12/2017 0

Review: Justice League

So Justice League came out this week, and I took Mrs Sar along to see it today. As some readers will be aware, I’m one of the few viewers who actually honestly really loves Man of Steel, Henry Cavill’s first foray into the role of the..well, Man of Steel, Superman.

By Sar 20/11/2017 0

Ironically, Balance is anything but… (Part One)

When I began playing Balance, it was out of necessity rather than any real desire. I was Horde at the time, and we had more than enough regularly signing tanks and were in need of ranged DPS players, being heavily saturated with melee players as we were. I enjoyed the new version of Balance and…

By Sar 05/06/2017 1