Why Arathi Basin is like Kim Kardashian…

Or why the sudden rush for E-Sports… And no, it’s not because both have been used more often than is probably healthy… Reality TV. The bane of discerning television viewers everywhere. It’s cheap, frequently tawdry, and requires little to absolutely no effort on behalf of the programme makers to film and put together. Think of Doctor […]

Why I love… Blogging (vs Vlogging)

Apologies for the WIL… delay this week, Blizzcon articles, gnomes and work got slightly in the way a bit  I’m a fairly old school kind of person in some regards. I’ve always been someone who has preferred writing over talking, blogging over vlogging, considering my words carefully before committing them to “paper” so to speak. […]

Why I love… The Flash

No, not that one, this one: The Flash as a TV show has just begun its second season in the US, but what I really want to talk about here is its debut season last year. The first season of The Flash, starring Gustin Grant as the titular character was in my opinion very probably the […]

Why I love… Super Metroid!

Welcome to this, the first article in my regular series called “Why I love…”! This week we’ll be taking a look at the game that stands proudly at the pinnacle of my “Favourite games of all time” list: Lineage & History Super Metroid is a 2d platformer and adventure game where you play as Samus Aran, […]

Why I love… Stuff

I love stuff. In fact I love a lot of stuff that ain’t even games! Shocker, I know. With that in mind I’m going to be writing a regular series of articles where I’ll be gushing over various things, such as: TV Shows Music Games Retro Games Movies Tech Science Psychology Philosophy Design Diet & […]