6.2.3 is now Live!

Well 6.2.3 went live this week, and with it several things of note: Cataclysm Timewalking dungeons. One additional dungeon for Timewalking during TBC and Wrath events. Valor Points, for… MoP-style 2/2 item upgrades boosting items in item level by 5 per upgrade at a cost of 250VP per upgrade. Grove Warden Moose* & Infinite Dragon […]

On design and updates…

I’ve been working on a new design for headers etc over on Twitter over the past few weeks, and I think I’ve hit upon a design idea that I’m happy to run with for the foreseeable future! Making it more generalised in step with the broadening of the theme of my writing, so it’s reflective […]

Lifting the veil of Sar Crux…

Yep, I’ve changed locations as well as names. For clarity, the following has changed: Twitter handle, from @sargaming to @sarcrux Website URL, from sargaming.net to sarcrux.com Why the change? Well, over the past 6 months or more, I’ve become a lot more vocal about other things outside of gaming, such as politics, atheism, and so on, alongside […]

Legion: Removing Gear and Weapon Drops

Edit: If you’re coming here having seen Bellular’s video where he used my expansion quest stats, go here for the fuller story on that infographic. Original Article: I thought I should start putting my videos back up on the site once again, rather than having them sequestered off on YouTube! I wanted to go into […]

Pillars of Eternally writing Sheet Music

I’m really enjoying Pillars of Eternity so far. The storyline appears very interesting, pretty Planescape-ish in tone, and the classes seem good and varied. As per the video, the class I chose for my first game was a female Moon Godlike Priest, and whilst she’s not a straight up healer archetype, she can throw out […]

Amusing & Puzzling: Subscribers

It always both puzzles and amuses me, whenever I take a bit of a content break (as you’re no doubt aware I do once or twice a year), that subs only ever increase during the break. However as soon as I start producing content again, the subs numbers actually drop lol It’s like people think […]