Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?

TFW Your guild raids an hour earlier than planned, without you. 😒😒😒 — Sar {Boogie Knight} ♞ (@NerdRooted) January 28, 2018 This week has been an extremely hard one. As of this moment, whilst it still exists, Treehugging Hippies as a raiding guild is largely no more. Certainly at the very minimum for the remainder […]

Finally! I’m a Mythic Raider!

So THH have conquered Heroic Nighthold, and have it on farm (we’re able to clear it in about 90 minutes or so), so over the past 3 weeks we’ve been pressing forwards into Mythic Nighthold. The differences between bosses on Mythic and Heroic isn’t HUGE, not at least for the first three bosses: Skorpyron: Different […]