The Switching of a main…

So I’ve switched mains.

Yep, for 6½ years man and boy I was a paladin tank. And I loved it.

I loved the sense of responsibility. The control I had over the flow of the fight. The make or break mechanics that meant a good tank could shine, whilst a bad tank would do nothing but wipe raids and frustrate. That sense of fostering a partnership with your co-tanks, especially those you raided alongside week after week. read more

Why is Flying like a Start Menu?

So, this thing happened last night…

[blizzardquote author=”Ion Hazzikostas” link=”” source=”″] read more

Content vs Consumption: The lie behind the spin.

Why Blizzard are REALLY cutting flight

Click it to get the original size graphic!

Update: Forgot to include the Pandaren starter zone, so that takes Mists up to 11 zones!

The Infographic says it all. I may have to take another run at those Wrath figures, because they do seem a tad high, despite the fact the Wrath zones had tonnes of quests, and there were all the dungeon and raid quests (RIP) and all the Argent tournament related quests. read more

#NoFlyNoSub #BringBackFlying

The 2 tags that defined my weekend 😛

And Wow. The last few days have been a flurry of activity on the website, all over the no-flying announcement by Watcher.

Not least there was a real spike in site traffic over the weekend and the first half of this week, which saw traffic into the thousands and 160 times the normal daily reader count 🙂 read more

On the hunt…

So, given that WoD is universally agreed as being dull as all hell, I’ve taken to getting my hunter geared for raiding purposes.

This is usually something I don’t do until towards the end of an expansion, until no more gear is on the horizon for my pally and no more content is coming down the pipeline. However the ball aching lack of anything meaningful to do ATM means I need to keep myself busy lest I just quit completely. read more