Legion: Coming 30/08/2016!

So, only 3 weeks prior to that “On or before 21st Sep 2016” date….nice. So Legion is coming in 4 and a bit months from the time of writing, so that means the systems patch should be with us in early July. After a bit of thought, calling the pre-patch dates as 5th –¬†6th July. […]

Gnome Hunters confirmed for Legion!

@Muffinus #legion You can thank Muffinus and the class team for their years of ceaseless dedication to gnomes! pic.twitter.com/Y7q2aBoRYn — Alex Afrasiabi (@Alex_Afrasiabi) November 13, 2015 GNOME. HUNTER. GNOME + HUNTER =¬†HUNTERS THAT ARE GNOMES. GNOMES THAT ARE HUNTERS. CONFIRMED. GNOME HUNTERS PEOPLE, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! GNOME HUNTERS! *ahem* Mechanical Chicken starter pet […]