Coming full circle in the World of Warcraft… (Part Two)

Coming full circle in the World of Warcraft… (Part Two)

In Part One, I outlined the many problems faced by players of Balance Druids in Nighthold and almost certainly ones that will continue into Tomb of Sargeras:

  • The damage ceiling of the spec is disturbingly close to the floor for many other damage specs in the game.
  • Damage output is punished cruelly by heavy movement and target switching.
  • Mediocre damage in AoE heavy fights, even though that should be Balance’s niche.
  • Poorest damage of all specs in the game in single target encounters in Nighthold.

So a few weeks ago, I began privately mulling over a change Continue reading →

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Hello, from the other side…

Hello, from the other side…

And now you have Adele in your head. You’re welcome.

So my Orc monk was sitting wasting away Horde side, doing nothing much of anything, lazily languishing at level 93 and barely being touched.

Given my well publicised female Gnome fetish, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and faction change her to Alliance, and go Gnome! 🙂

Bear in mind that it’s quite likely that Blizzard are going to completely screw up the hunter revamp*, I’m looking to see which other classes or specs might tickle my fancy when it comes to being my main in Legion.

*Yes it’s early Alpha, and yes, lots can and will change between now and then. Suck it pedantic fanboys. The changes as-is atm on Alpha are terrible, and change everything about a Hunter that we now know.

So I got her levelled over the weekend, and within 2 days of hitting 100 she is now sitting at a gear level of 665/667, high enough to get into HFC LFR.

I’d levelled her as a Brewmaster, but I’ve had to be brave, and admit that as much as I loved tanking on the Paladin, and as good as I was on her (and I was excellent, which is why it got so boring, #humblebrag), I absolutely suck a fat one at playing Brewmaster.

Darn it.

So, that meant going back to main spec Windwalker, a spec I loved in Mists, and actually got pretty good with.

That said, if Hunter doesn’t work out, I’m given of a hankering to go main spec healer in Legion, as it’s the one role I’ve yet to main-spec as during an expansion.

I main specced as ranged DPS (Mage) for half of Wrath, before tanking out the final tier of Wrath, all of Cata, Mists and the first half of WoD, then obviously moved to the Hunter for the last half of WoD.

So Healer is the only one I’ve yet to devote myself fully to, outside of off-spec faffing about during expansion downtime on my Paladin.

Mistweaving is pretty fun. A mix of HoTs, direct heals, AoEs and absorbs, yet played in a fairly relaxed manner, and with a unique mana-return mechanic in Mana Tea.

I ran through a few Hellfire LFR wings last night, and while I wasn’t brilliant, I was able to experience the playstyle first hand.

Obviously I have yet to setup keybinds, VuhDo or cooldowns correctly, and I’m still missing a few key pieces of gear, namely healer rings, a trinket and a decent ilevel helm and chest, so I’m missing a decent chunk of spirit as it stands.

All that said, it’s nice to have a max-level (non-boosted) Alliance character, even if I don’t have a guild just yet. Mind you the lack of a guild is a nice change of pace, as it’s nice and quiet and I can just go on about my business solo.

Mind you, the lack of activity in Thunder atm may just as well mean a lack of guild either side of the factional divide, as we only have about 5/6 people on at even the busiest times of the day/week.

My hunter may remain though as my main PvP character, even if it gets fucked over royally.

But it looks quite likely, and very tempting, to say I’ll be main speccing a Mistweaver Monk next expansion. Will she still be a Gnome?

We’ll have to wait and see…


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50th Article: LF Alliance Guild

50th Article: LF Alliance Guild

Since the re-launch of the website in February this year, this is the 50th article I’ve written on this site!

Just something I thought should be noted, it means I’m definitely updating at least once a week on average, which is better than normal!

Currently on the lookout for an Alliance guild for my current druid (level 92 and not counting!), and future Gnome Hunter. I’m keeping my free level 100 boost from my pre-purchase of Legion for her. Not particularly fussed about server, just that it must be some form of PvE server, RP or not, no PvP servers please!

Nothing more annoying than being attacked when trying to go about your daily business, that would make me lose patience with the game very quickly indeed

Most of my characters are Horde, naturally, and they’re all on Kilrogg EU. However I’m quite happy setting up a home for my Alliance toons on any server in the EU. Preferably a medium-high pop server, with a good raiding environment.

The guild itself should be a more mature guild. This means a fairly stable guild with older players. The one problem that has always plagued me when trying to find an Alliance guild is the ones I’ve previously joined seemed to be full of kids recruiting for the sake of recruiting, to amass the largest guild possible.

Problem is the guilds that form as a result are either completely dead in guild chat *tumbleweed*, or if /g is active, it’s full of kids and idiots that think trolling any channel with a /number is the height of comedy.


I know raiding with a hunter is going to have hard competition in Legion, given the sheer numbers of other hunters out there, but I do love my hunters, and a Gnome hunter is definitely going to get a very significant chunk of my time.

However given the changes to 5 mans in Legion, and the fact that they’ll be competitive with raiding () in terms of gear drops and difficulty, there could feasibly be 5 man dungeon raiders in Legion. I wouldn’t exactly be averse to that TBH!

So further Alpha invites have gone out over the past couple of days, and yours truly has yet again managed to avoid an invitation.

I only wish my avoidance & dodge capability was this good when I was tanking!

Just a quick snippets post this one, and I now have access to write from work, which will be handy. Most of my days in work are reactive, waiting on work coming in, so it should lead to some more frequent posts…


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