Legion – The Honeymoon is over!?

Legion – The Honeymoon is over!?

So, we’re well into Legion’s release now, a full 3 months into the expansion and midway through the first tier of raiding with Nighthold to release in January 2017 as the final instance of the first tier.

Of course since the last post (oops, didn’t mean to leave it so long), we’ve had a Blizzcon to let us know exactly where we’re going in patch 7.2 Continue reading →

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Legion: The road to 110

Legion: The road to 110

After quite an epic and longer-ish levelling experience, how did Legion’s levelling experience hold up?

As you can probably tell, given the lack of recent articles, I’ve been somewhat busy playing a particular game since August 30th…

Yep, Legion has launched and has been out now for about 10 days so far. By now most of us will have levelled at least one character to the 110 level cap, and seen a fair amount of the levelling content in doing so.

Blizzard took a fairly novel approach to levelling in Legion, introducing the scaling tech that it’s been toying with since Mists to the levelling process. This meant that no matter where you went in Broken Isles, with the exception of the endgame specific Suramar zone, you were always faced with mobs and quests appropriate to your level. Continue reading →

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4 Days before Legion, Blizzard asks: “So Hunters, any class feedback?”

4 Days before Legion, Blizzard asks: “So Hunters, any class feedback?”

How late is too late to start fixing things?

So, with 4 days left before Legion’s big launch day, Blizzard have decided to come out and start asking for feedback on the changes to the Hunter class.

No, no, I’m not kidding. I’m being deadly serious.

Here, go look for yourself.

Now we’ve had 9+ months of Alpha/Beta where thousands, nay tens of thousands of articles, forum posts, tweets, videos and so on have been made highlighting exactly what is wrong with the Legion Hunter, in comparison to the old Hunter class we used to have. Continue reading →

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A brief sojourn to the Broken Isles in Legion Beta.

A brief sojourn to the Broken Isles in Legion Beta.

All throughout the past 7 months or so, I’ve been entering competitions on WoWHead, MMOC, MMOG etc etc in order to win a beta key.

So with the expansion about 4 weeks out from the time of writing, and after the pre-expansion patch has gone live, now would of course be the most useless time to get a key to check out the changes.

So OF COURSE… Continue reading →

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Patch 7.0.3 Impressions

Patch 7.0.3 Impressions

So the pre-patch, 7.0.3 is now live across all regions, and with it come all the changes being made in prep for Legion. So after a full day with the patch, what sort of things did it bring? What did you think about the changes?

Well, let’s break down what I thought into the stuff I loved, and the stuff I hated… Continue reading →

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7.0.3 Pre-Patch is live!

7.0.3 Pre-Patch is live!

So the changes are upon us, and with it the classes you knew and loved have been changed, to one degree or another, forever.

Or at least until the next expansion 😉

This also means we say goodbye to the best thing about Warlords of Draenor: Continue reading →

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PTR Hunter Preview: The Beast Master

PTR Hunter Preview: The Beast Master

So the PTR now features the Legion pre-expansion patch, which brings with it all the new systems and class changes ahead of the expansion’s launch itself.

So given how badly I’ve wanted to get onto the Legion Beta, I was very eager to get on the PTR and test out the changes to Hunters, especially given that this expansion sees Hunters receiving more wholesale changes than any other class has ever received in the game.

So for this first post I’m going to take a look at my old favourite, the BM Hunter.

Continue reading →

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Choosing a class for Legion? Part 2

Choosing a class for Legion? Part 2

Following on from an earlier article, I’ve still been thinking hard about which class and spec I want to choose as my main for Legion, and perhaps beyond.

I’m not one for rapidly changing classes or specs, having played my Prot Paladin for over 6 years before changing to my Hunter last year.

However given the all-encompassing changes that Hunters are seeing in Legion, which may or may not result in an enjoyable experience for me, another change may become inevitable.

So, given that it’s a bit further on in the previously Alpha and now Beta process of changes, let’s see where my thoughts lie now.

As per the previous article, Rogue, Shaman, Mage, Warrior and DK are all fairly much out of the running due to intrinsic feeling of “meh” I have towards them.

That leaves:

  • Demon Hunter
  • Priest
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Warlock (completely forgot about this in the last article!)
  • Druid
  • Hunter

So, let’s go through them all…

Demon Hunter

As per usual, Blizzard look to be nerfing abilities and utility of older classes in order to bolster take up of their newest class. It happened when DKs came along in Wrath, Monks in Mists, and now DHs in Legion.

They’re looking completely OP, certainly in terms of mobility with passive double jump, slowfall, gap closers etc, but they are as yet very untested in a live environment, and without beta access and final tuning still to come, it’s next to impossible to make a definitive call on this class.


I’m still really enjoying Holy and to a lesser degree Shadow on my Priest. It’s the spec I’m playing in mainly atm in Thunder’s recent raid resurrection (yes, we’re back and Heroic raiding again!), but sometimes still have to jump on the hunter if we’re loaded with healers, to help out with DPS.

A solid choice, but not a lot of utility and having more removed in Legion, particularly in terms of mobility.


I’ve gone off Mistweaving slightly since the last article. No real reason why, I’m just finding other classes and specs more intriguing.


Holy & Ret are right out the door straight off. No interest really in either spec, so that leaves my old comfort spec of Protection.

Whilst nerfed slightly in terms of self-healing from where it was when I wrote the last article, this is still looking like a strong spec overall in Legion.

However Legion changes to active mitigation (the best thing to ever happen to tanking IMO), and the fact that my reasons for quitting tanking on her haven’t changed since, I doubt this will be an avenue I’ll be pursuing in Legion.


Again, a lack of general utility, being a pure dps class in a similar manner to Mages, means that this is not a class I’ll likely choose for Legion.

In contrast to…


I’ve recently begun levelling a Tauren Druid named Lifebinder, and was enjoying it, so I decided to dust off my old Nelf Druid and faction changed her, again to a male Tauren, this one named Sarcrux.

I was very undecided on this one in the last article in March, but having played it a bit more, I’m really liking the utility Druids offer. Not least the fact that I can semi-tank in bear form, and semi-dps in cat form, both while in Resto Spec.

If I were to choose a druid, Resto would likely be my Main Spec, with an open choice of off-spec.

But given we’ll be getting tri/quad spec in Legion, Off-specs will be an open choice anyway.

This one is a very strong candidate now.


I’m a lot happier about where Hunters are now, in comparison to a few months ago.

MM have their pets back for example, with Lone Wolf being a talent choice again, albeit a level 15 choice rather than 100, so Lone Wolf lovers can essentially level all the way without a pet.

Hati and BM in general have also seen improvements, both in terms of Hati’s basic model (looks gorgeous now), and the ability to have her look like one of your other pets, so you can truly dual wield pets of your choice as BM now. Dire Beast has also been given the option of using stabled pets, rather than randoms from your current zone.

I know what you’re thinking. I dislike Mages, Warlocks and Rogues   because they’re pure DPS classes and offer little in terms of role variety, so why do Hunters, another pure DPS class get a bye?

Hunters have the pet collection aspect that ameliorates this complaint to a significant degree. For me at least, because I love pet collecting. So ner.

So that’s where I’m at atm, and presently it’s looking like a straight choice between Hunter/Holy Priest/Resto Druid.

Certainly there’s a decidedly healing based skew on those choices, but I’ll only truly be able to make a decision if or when I finally get access to the Legion Beta…

No, still no access.


There are changes to talent swapping that have been made in a very recent build that I’ll be expounding on more, but that’s another article for another time…

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It’s Official: iLevel is the one true stat.

It’s Official: iLevel is the one true stat.

Chose that tweet to lead with, as it contains a link to Alt’s blog, which, as per the Blogroll page, is always worth a read 🙂

So, to the matter at hand…

LFM: ToT Transmog run. iLevel 746 or GTFO Scrubs.

LFM: Molten Core Transmog run. iLevel 746 or GTFO Scrubs.

Fuck those pesky and confusing stats, amirite?

Who cares how much of “X” stat you have? Who cares if you have your gear gemmed and enchanted, or if it’s even the right armour type. Who cares if you’re using a wand as a rogue? Or wearing spirit mail as a Fury Warrior?


Blizzard are now going down the “ITEM LEVEL IS YOUR NEW GOD” route.

And that character sheet?

Looks like something from a pretty shitty action game, where there’s only 1 stat that matters.


They may as well stop calling it Item Level and just call it E-Peen, or Power Level.



I love fiddling with my characters’ stats. I’m not a min-maxer by any means, but I do like to tinker with stats until I’m happy with them with the gear I’ve got. Item level isn’t really the end all and be all for me personally.

I’d rather have stats I prefer or feel are more useful for my individual character than a higher item level.

An attitude borne out by my characters frequently never wearing the highest level gear they have, unless the gear they have marries up with my preferred stats.

As a consequence of this change by Blizzard, which you should note may or may not make it to live btw, you will need to use an addon just to see the stats that you can see today.

The biggest pain? The change from points to percentages for the likes of Crit etc. I’d like to know if I have 2100 Crit, or 2158 for that matter. A single percentage display is terrible, and obfuscates breakpoints and an awful lot of variability.

Hopefully this is display at the very least in the tooltip as it is on live, but again, no beta Alpha.


Proud member of the No-Beta club since 4eva. /sadface

Plus, any unused stats are now hidden, which may be streamlining, but to me it, in conjunction with the other changes, just dumbs down the individual character’s entire existence to less than a handful of numbers.

I get what Blizzard are going for here, I really do. They wanted to go one further than the greying out of useless stats that they went for in WoD. However the result just simplifies the stat sheet far too much.

It looks sad and pathetic, and frankly like someone who’s been asked to write 10,000 words on the American Civil War, and all they can think of is Capt America vs Iron Man, and wrote down #TeamCap then left the rest of the page blank.

I really hope they beef it up a bit more before it goes live, I really do. I know on live all that the idiots running pugs care about is iLevel. I tweet regularly when I’m pugging about some of the ridiculous item level requirements pug leaders look for, like 720+ for Mythic Highmaul:

Or 720+ for Normal Archimonde, a fight which rewards 705 gear…

So are Blizzard just going with the flow and caving to the iLevel morons?

Sadly it looks like it, and as gear increases in power until the next squish, the problem will only become more compounded as increased iLevel over the next couple of expacs will lead to greater increases in power.

So yeah, you’ve got it from the horse’s mouth: Item Level is soon to be the One True Stat, the Only Stat That Matters.


/sadface again

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