Legion: The road to 110

After quite an epic and longer-ish levelling experience, how did Legion’s levelling experience hold up? As you can probably tell, given the lack of recent articles, I’ve been somewhat busy playing a particular game since August 30th… Yep, Legion has launched and has been out now for about 10 days so far. By now most of […]

Choosing a class for Legion? Part 2

Following on from an earlier article, I’ve still been thinking hard about which class and spec I want to choose as my main for Legion, and perhaps beyond. I’m not one for rapidly changing classes or specs, having played my Prot Paladin for over 6 years before changing to my Hunter last year. However given […]

It’s Official: iLevel is the one true stat.

RIP Stats :: #Warcraft :: https://t.co/ipBNUe8Ony… pic.twitter.com/u3scWi85cn — 🌊 Sarah, Writing ALL THE THINGS for You 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) April 22, 2016 Chose that tweet to lead with, as it contains a link to Alt’s blog, which, as per the Blogroll page, is always worth a read 🙂 So, to the matter at hand… Fuck those pesky […]