It’s Official: iLevel is the one true stat.

RIP Stats :: #Warcraft ::… — 🌊 Sarah's Year of the Chat 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) April 22, 2016 Chose that tweet to lead with, as it contains a link to Alt’s blog, which, as per the Blogroll page, is always worth a read 🙂 So, to the matter at hand… Fuck those pesky and confusing […]

Final Tier Lengths: Still a WiP?

Are Blizzard doing any better at shortening the lengthy raid tiers at the end of every expansion? The evidence is damning… Have a look at that header graphic. I’ve reproduced it below, along with a bar chart for your edification, courtesy of @elvinelol on Twitter: 435 days for Hellfire Citadel, by the time Legion launches, […]

Legion: Coming 30/08/2016!

So, only 3 weeks prior to that “On or before 21st Sep 2016” date….nice. So Legion is coming in 4 and a bit months from the time of writing, so that means the systems patch should be with us in early July. After a bit of thought, calling the pre-patch dates as 5th – 6th July. […]

Choosing a class for Legion?

Or, what happens when an Atheist joins the Clergy… So, with Hunters seemingly still in a rather disturbing place on Alpha, you’ll probably already be aware that I’ve begun to look further afield for my next class. I’ve decided that I wanted to give full-time healing a go, as it’s the only role I’ve never […]

Hello, from the other side…

And now you have Adele in your head. You’re welcome. So my Orc monk was sitting wasting away Horde side, doing nothing much of anything, lazily languishing at level 93 and barely being touched. Given my well publicised female Gnome fetish, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and faction change her to […]

The Power of Choice vs the Impact of Change

Or… If it ain’t broke, don’t try to “fix” it… All classes in WoW have seen revamps at some point in the life of the game. Sure, some have been a bit more drastic than others, but it happens. And usually only to a single spec of any class at a given time. However something […]

The Identity of the Final Titan…

This post is going to talk about the Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1 that’s going to be released in March, so if you’re lore-spoiler sensitive then look away now. Mind you these aren’t really spoilers in the in-game sense, as this has nothing to do with Legion, but this will be talking about a few ideas that crop […]

50th Article: LF Alliance Guild

Since the re-launch of the website in February this year, this is the 50th article I’ve written on this site! Just something I thought should be noted, it means I’m definitely updating at least once a week on average, which is better than normal! Looking for a good* Alliance EU guild for my Druid and […]