Flight to Silvermoon

Over the past few weeks I’d come to the realisation that it had been three months since I last raided with Foundation on Magtheridon. So after not raiding for 3 months, it was time to move back to my what is now my permanent Alliance home server of Silvermoon…

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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

So it’s getting to about that time where raiding activity winds down for the holidays, and players are mainly left to their own devices for a few weeks until after the New Year. This inevitably leads to one thing, especially during the “off” expansions, such as Cata, WoD and now BfA:

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Battle for Azeroth

BFA: The Journey to 120

Battle for Azeroth has launched, and most of us by now will have at least one character levelled to the new level cap of 120. So how did I find my first run levelling experience in BfA? Well…

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Legion News

Legion: The road to 110

After quite an epic and longer-ish levelling experience, how did Legion’s levelling experience hold up? As you can probably tell, given the lack of recent articles, I’ve been somewhat busy playing a particular game since August 30th… Yep, Legion has launched and has been out now for about 10 days so far. By now most of us will have levelled at least one character to the 110 level cap, and seen a fair amount of the levelling content in doing so. Blizzard took a fairly novel approach to levelling in Legion, introducing the scaling tech that it’s been toying with since Mists

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