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Buying Loot Boxes in OverWatch?

Or, what are the odds, eh? So last night I bought a stack of loot boxes in OverWatch. I bought the pack of 24 for £15.99, so hardly breaking the bank. So for those of you wondering what the odds...


OverWatch: The Review

So OverWatch has been out for a week now, and after loving the Beta, does the full release live up to the hype? Before moving to MMOs, I was originally an FPS player online. I played Duke Nukem 3D, Quake...


Overwatch: End of Beta thoughts

Or, why a stationary mini-gun can be absolutely OP… So Open Beta for Overwatch ended a few days ago. I came to the party late, because as usual I didn’t get a closed beta invite (more on beta invites in the...