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Buying Loot Boxes in OverWatch?

Or, what are the odds, eh? So last night I bought a stack of loot boxes in OverWatch. I bought the pack of 24 for ┬ú15.99, so hardly breaking the bank. So for those of you wondering what the odds are of you getting one of the sweeter skins in the game, IE the Legendary…

By Sar 12/06/2016 0

OverWatch: The Review

So OverWatch has been out for a week now, and after loving the Beta, does the full release live up to the hype? Before moving to MMOs, I was originally an FPS player online. I played Duke Nukem 3D, Quake 2, Counter Strike, Unreal Tournaments of many varieties etc. My main love of all time…

By Sar 29/05/2016 0

Overwatch: End of Beta thoughts

Or, why a stationary mini-gun can be┬áabsolutely OP… So Open Beta for Overwatch ended a few days ago. I came to the party late, because as usual I didn’t get a closed beta invite (more on beta invites in the next article), so I had to make do with the week long open beta. I…

By Sar 12/05/2016 0