7.0.3 Pre-Patch is live!

So the changes are upon us, and with it the classes you knew and loved have been changed, to one degree or another, forever. Or at least until the next expansion 😉 This also means we say goodbye to the best thing about Warlords of Draenor:

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Beast Mastery

PTR Hunter Preview: The Beast Master

So the PTR now features the Legion pre-expansion patch, which brings with it all the new systems and class changes ahead of the expansion’s launch itself. So given how badly I’ve wanted to get onto the Legion Beta, I was very eager to get on the PTR and test out the changes to Hunters, especially given that this expansion sees Hunters receiving more wholesale changes than any other class has ever received in the game. So for this first post I’m going to take a look at my old favourite, the BM Hunter.

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