So close, yet so far…

We came a smidgen away from getting our first ever Cutting Edge, for killing N’Zoth on Mythic, but after 200+ pulls it just wasn’t meant to be…

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Statement of Intent: Part 2

With the pre-tuning issues Hunters have at the moment with rotations over both specs, I’ve been thinking about a Plan B that would serve as a backup plan should Hunters not get smoothed out…

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Statement of intent

So PTR has now been up for the past week or two, and along with that, the plethora of changes to various classes on the beta has had me reconsidering my intent for Shadowlands…

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Class News

Choosing a main for 2020

So with raiding off the menu until at least 8.3, and little else left to do ATM, it has gotten to “that” time of the expansion: Levelling alts!

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