Black Desert Online: Launch Week

Or, as I call it, the best damned looking game ever made. So Black Desert launched a couple of days ago for the biggest spenders. The Conqueror’s pre-order pack, which cost a whopping €100, launched for head-start access on 28th February (Sunday). Today sees my Explorer (€50) pre-order launch date, and I’m really excited to […]

6.2.3 is now Live!

Well 6.2.3 went live this week, and with it several things of note: Cataclysm Timewalking dungeons. One additional dungeon for Timewalking during TBC and Wrath events. Valor Points, for… MoP-style 2/2 item upgrades boosting items in item level by 5 per upgrade at a cost of 250VP per upgrade. Grove Warden Moose* & Infinite Dragon […]