On design and updates…

I’ve been working on a new design for headers etc over on Twitter over the past few weeks, and I think I’ve hit upon a design idea that I’m happy to run with for the foreseeable future!

Making it more generalised in step with the broadening of the theme of my writing, so it’s reflective of more than just gaming.

Started using Adobe Illustrator for the headers rather than my old favourite, Photoshop. It works quite differently, and there’s going to be a learning curve, but I really like the clean results vector artwork gives.

It certainly makes logo design a lot cleaner, but it’s definitely not as intuitive as Photoshop, but then again I’ve been using that particular application for over 15 years, closer to 20 actually!

I’ll be rolling out the new design to my very underutilised YouTube channel within the next week or so!