The Guide to Taming Thok

Thok, the Devilsaur from Siege of Orgrimmar in MoP is a gorgeous big beastie. The good news, for BM hunters at least, is that with 7.0 he is now tamable!


So, how does one go about getting through to Thok, given that he’s over midway through the raid instance, and Galakras, the famously un-soloable fight lies in between you and he?

Well, let’s get into it with this guide to getting there and getting your very own Sparky!

Mecha & Sparky - First day ends
Mecha & Sparky, my Thok.

Before you pull!

Ok, so first off, ensure your pet is in Tenacity Spec! I used a turtle for this, as they have extra defensive cool-down in the form of Shell Shield.

I also did this in BM spec, although given the changes to threat and misdirection, MM would suffice just as well if you’re more comfortable in that spec. Needless to say though, if you are doing this as MM, don’t use Lone Wolf, otherwise you WILL die, trust me, you’ll see why in a minute.

Oh and if you are in MM spec, make sure you respec to BM before trying to tame Thok, as he’s an exotic beastie 


I went with:

Way of the Cobra – Extra damage for each pet/guardian you have active.

Stomp – Dire Beasts will thunderclap when they spawn, extra dps again.

Posthaste – for quick repositioning after being knocked up.

Bestial Fury – for extra damage again.

Level 75 talent is your choice, as you won’t use it here.

A Murder of Crows – Nice dot damage and overall less need for the focus Barrage requires.

Stampede – for the burst damage, although Aspect of the Beast would work well too for the extra Tenacity damage reduction for your pet.

Also, bring some dps pots, a flask and your agility runes for good measure.

Difficulty Level

Ok, so obviously there is the one quick and easy way to skip over half the bosses in Siege – LFR!

Yep, LFR allows you to queue up solo for the exact wing Thok lies in. However, it’s not all bunny tails and rose petals, as he’s the third of three bosses in that wing.

To queue up for Siege LFR, you need to go to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms in Pandaria, and above the entrance to Mogu’shan Palace the room where Cho told his stories during MoP? Yeah go in there and there you will find 3 Pandas. Talk to this dude and choose this option:



This guy is actually the hardest of the two fights you’ll need to beat in order to get to Thok.

One thing to note, when you pull, make sure you use the Move To command on your pet, and stick him to the centre of the platform. Trust me, it’ll save your life in a minute.

MD on the pull, pre-pot, put up Mend Pet and go to town on the DPS. Blow all your cool-downs:

  • Bestial Wrath
  • Aspect of the Wild
  • Stampede
  • A Murder of Crows

Yeah, I did say all, didn’t I? All 4 of them… Gee, thanks Blizz.

Anyhow, DPS him and when he knocks you up into the air, disengage before you hit the ground to avoid unnecessary falling damage. Continue to DPS him until he gets through his second Breath of Y’Shaarj. Once he does this, he’ll go into Blood Rage.

Now this is why you put your pet in the middle of the room, and why you’re not doing this as Lone Wolf spec.

Blood Rage is an AoE Cleave, and guess who natively avoids 90% of all AoE damage? 

Your pet will quite happily sit in Malk’s Blood Rage Cleave all day with Mend Pet rolling on him. However, what you will probably notice is that Malk will in fact rather handily ignore your pet for Blood Rage, so you will need to ensure you’re at the edge of the room, pop Mend Pet, then Feign Death like a boss before he hits you, then for the entire duration of Blood Rage 

As long as he thinks you’re dead, he will Blood Rage on your pet for the entire duration and you will be quite safe. Oh and the reason you stick your pet to the middle of the room is because if your pet is on top of you for this, you’ll get caught in the cleave and die in about 3 seconds flat 

Spoils of Pandaria

This is laughably easy now. Start with any room. Once cleared go up the chain, cut diagonally across to room 2 and clear that. Once cleared in there go through the now open gate to room 3, clear it, then up the chain and do the final room.

You get so much time to clear each pair of rooms that it’s virtually impossible to run out of time. Just keep up a quick pace at opening boxes and downing mobs.

Oh and obviously go for the biggest boxes first throughout, as they’ll release more energy and cut the time needed to do this down a lot more than lots of smaller boxes.

You should be in no danger of dying here, as even if your tank pet doesn’t tank, the mobs hit like wet lettuce on this difficulty 

Once that’s clear?


Clear out the initial mobs.

Pop Aspect of the Turtle.

Tame Thok.


Mecha/Sparky looks out over Warspear

Enjoy your awesome new pet!