A new host and WoW Catchup time!

So I’ve moved the website to a new host, as visitors to the site earlier today will have seen it in a state of no small disarray! It’s taken a while to get everything moved over, but having finally got all my media files uploaded and the database imported from the old host, we should, by and large, be up and running again 100%

If there are any oddities, missing images etc, let me know!

So, onto WoW, and what I’ve been up to over the past few weeks…

In terms of raiding, I’d made the decision to leave Thunder (again, and this time for the final time). We got stuck on Zul for weeks, and when a handful of raiders left for another guild, this time I decided to move with them, after mulling it over good and proper whilst away for 2½ weeks on holiday.

So with my new guild, Damocles, I’ve managed to not only down Zul, but also clear the entire raid in heroic, and obtain the Ahead of the Curve achievement!

Ahead of the Curve, finally!
One big fat dead Synthetic Old God with fries please!

I pushed hard to try to get this, because I know how hard it can be to pug content without Curve, and so getting this done was a top priority for me.

However, I have, in all but name, been an Alliance player in the main over the past several weeks as I made the decision to move a handful of my characters back from Argent Dawn to Silvermoon.

I’ve tried to make things work over on AD, but for the past six months or more I’ve been logging into an empty guild experience. When I made the decision to raid Horde side when it became very apparent that Boogie Knights weren’t going to be in any shape to do even mythic+ dungeons never mind raid, one of our founders, Alt, decided to leave altogether.

Combine that with the fact that Azrel hasn’t been enjoying the expansion at all (who can blame him there tbh) and as a result hasn’t played in several months, it resulted in a lonely time over on Alliance side. Like I said, I stuck it out for months on end, but I made the aforementioned decision to move characters back to, and seek out a guild, on Silvermoon.

Well, it was either going to be Silvermoon or Ravencrest, the two largest Alliance servers in the EU, but in the end I went back to my old blue stomping ground on Silvermoon.

Sure, I’ve come across a few of the old THH crew that left to form Serpentis, but I’ve paid them no mind and just gone on about my business.

Which includes some very casual heroic raiding! I’ve run a couple of heroic raids on my Alliance Hunter, and she’s now only 6 or so item levels behind my Horde Hunter, who has many more Heroic kills than her.

It means I get to play my beloved Void Elf Huntress again, which pleases me no end. I’ve also brought back my Druid, DK, Monk, Paladin and I’ve decided to level a rogue from scratch as well, now that 8.1 introduces an average 25% nerf to levelling up to 110!

I’ve also fallen completely in love with the Dark Iron Dwarves. They’re now strongly a firm favourite behind Void Elves, and my Paladin was faction & race changed to one earlier this week.

He looks so damn ANGRY. I absolutely <3 him.

Needless to say I’ve decided to roll my rogue as a daughter of Blackrock, so I’m looking forward to her journey immensely, all the while levelling my Paladin from 113 to 120!

I left Thunder thinking I was frustrated with the raiding situation, but since finding my new guild, Fade on Silvermoon, I’ve realised it was more a dissatisfaction with playing Horde in general.

The saying goes “You can never go home”, and in this case it’s very true. Since switching to Alliance last year and re-acquainting myself with my original vanilla faction, I’d become completely re-converted. Damocles have no more raids now until next year, so I have a decision to make:

Raid Horde and do everything else on Alliance?
Raid Horde AND Alliance?
Go casual Horde side and raid Alliance?

We’ll see. I have an inkling I know what the best solution for me is, but I’ll give it a bit more time to mull it over and see how things pan out on both sides.

And if I don’t get writing again before it, I hope you all have a great Xmas, and enjoy seeing in the New Year!