It’s beginning to look a lot like…

So it’s getting to about that time where raiding activity winds down for the holidays, and players are mainly left to their own devices for a few weeks until after the New Year.

This inevitably leads to one thing, especially during the “off” expansions, such as Cata, WoD and now BfA:

Levelling early alts!

At the moment I have several classes I want to level from 110 up to 120:

  • Paladin (currently 113)
  • Death Knight (111)
  • Monk (110)
  • Druid (110)

However, with the recent nerfs to levelling overall (mainly in the dreaded 60-80 bracket), I’ve decided to level a Dark Iron Dwarven Rogue from scratch!

I’m looking forward to it, especially if the nerfs to the required experience to hit each level are telling. Especially in that 60 to 80 bracket, which when levelling my Void Elf Monk for the Void Elf Heritage Armour, was the single biggest drag of the entire experience:

XP Nerfs in Full:

According to WowHead, the nerfs give us average reductions in the order of:

Classic: -5% to -40% per level
Burning Crusade/Wrath of the Lich King: -26% to -40% per level
Cataclysm/Mists of Pandaria: -25% per level
Warlords of Draenor: -25% per level
Legion: -25% per level

So with a practical minimum average of 25%, that should knock about 12 hours or so off my previous total? Mind you my monk had the XP buff, which my Rogue won’t, so it’ll probably work out about the same length.


Oh well, it’ll allow me to clear up some of the still outstanding achievements I need for Loremaster, especially in the old world. From Cata onwards I have all the Lore/Questing achievements, so it’s really just TBC, Northrend, Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms zone achievements I need.

It’ll also get me the Dark Iron Heritage Armour, but to be honest it’s not a driving factor in my plans.

And if it’s quick enough I’ll probably level another race, probably a Kul Tiran, for their Heritage Armour as well. Depends on how fast it really is now.

Loremaster is something I’ve wanted to do for years, but I do so hate levelling in general. I know for some people it’s their main form of gameplay, but I’ve never been of that mindset. For me the game is about endgame, and levelling is the obstacle to overcome in order to get a character there if you’re not willing to lay down the money to boost to 110.

I’ve also never really played a Rogue, even though I have one at 90 Horde side, which I think I boosted back in the day. Needless to say it’ll be something different, and I do love my Rogues in D&D…