A good Hunter goes to War

All for a hippo…?

I’ve made the decision to engage in PvP for the majority of this expansion. PvP is not something I’ve done a lot of over the many years I’ve played World of Warcraft, but given how poor this current expansion and its systems are?

It’s at least something to do. Especially as raiding this expansion looks increasingly like something that I’ll be doing on a casual, once per week basis for the majority of each tier.

That gives me plenty of time outside of that one night per week to engage in other activities.

So what else has prompted this change in heart?

For a start, the PvP rewards and achievements are largely unknown and unearned territory for me. It’ll be a tonne of new transmogs, titles and achievements that I’ve as yet to pick up.

Mainly for me it’ll be about the Mounts, and in BfA so far that has meant the amazing looking War Riverbeast (Hippo):

Man I want that thing so bad! It means playing in ranked PvP in order to get to 1400 rating, then getting enough ranked wins while at 1400+ in order to fill out the season reward bar.

However, by the time I actually get this we’ll be well into Season 2, which means I’ll have to rank up twice in order to get a Vicious Saddle to purchase the Hippo Mount.

Another reason I’m more inclined to PvP this expansion is down to the class I’m now maining: My BM Hunter(s). Prot Paladin was never a great spec to PvP with, and so now that my choice of class is relatively stable (don’t forget I had to play something like 6 different specs in Legion), I feel more comfortable playing against other players.

That and the fact that while it’s not as generally strong as it was at the expansion’s start, BM as a spec is pretty good in PvP, able to burst fairly well, as well as keep up sustained pressure on opposition players.

So at least I’m going to have something tangible to work towards over the course of the next several months, that I can generally do at my own pace and on my own schedule, which is how I like it!