Kilrogg: A swan song…

So following on from my last post, which was a few months ago now (ingame news is, as per the expansion, slow), things turned out to be quite a bit different than I had planned…

Instead of changing mains, it looks like I’ll be changing servers instead!

Damocles, my Horde guild, were a gnat’s bollock hair away from calling it a day, because Kilrogg as a server is just too small to maintain a decent raiding roster. And that’s during a good expansion where players actually PLAY. BFA is not cut from that cloth, unfortunately.

Kilrogg has always been a very hard server to recruit on, going back over 10 years since I came back to the game (missed my 10 year anniversary!), and these days it’s next to impossible to get good, consistent players that want to find a good home that are of a raiding quality worth the recruitment effort.

So at one point last week, given how poor the recruitment situation is on Kilrogg, it came very close to Damocles deciding to shut up shop, because it looked as though we wouldn’t be able to convince enough of our existing players to move to a new server. We also had had to cancel a few mythic nights because some people just didn’t bother to show up, or others had IRL reasons for not being able to attend.

But, after a short panic, the officers and players got together and had a long conversation, and it was decided we would make a concerted effort on our new server of choice, the largest Horde server in Europe: Draenor.

Now, it looks like the majority, if not all of our current raiders are willing to make the move with the guild, and try at least to make an effort there to recruit and build the guild anew on our new home. The fact that Draenor has literally 22 times(!) the horde population that Kilrogg has means several things for Damocles:

  • The recruitment pool from which to source decent players will be a HELLUVA lot larger.
  • There is a lot more competition on Draenor for said players, as there are 272 Mythic (and 430 Heroic) BoD guilds there, vs 20 Mythic (and 54 Heroic) BoD guilds on Kilrogg…😲
  • As a result of the above, we will have to be used to a much lower server ranking. Currently we’re 9th on Kilrogg, vs around 117 for our progression on Draenor…
  • AH goods and sales will be cheaper and brisker, which is good for lazy bums like me who despite having max alchemy & herbing still buys a lot of my mats/pots/flasks 😀

In terms of actually changing Mains… Welp that didn’t go according to plan. Warlocks turned out to be nowhere near as fun to play, nor as effective as they were in Legion unfortunately. For me at least. I still get the feeling I was doing something wrong, but I was not getting the results that I should’ve been getting with the gear I had. The final straw was Mythic Grong where I was on add interrupt duty, and my pet’s interrupt kept going on cooldown like it had been used ok when I used it, but the interrupt didn’t actually happen… 😒

So I’m back on my Hunter and loving playing again. I’ve picked up a few bits of gear, and the buffs to Hunters since the last patch have enabled me to not be a complete ball & chain on the raid damage output. In fact I’m now in and around 4/5 on the DPS meters behind our rogues etc 🙂

I’ve also, much to my utter disbelief, levelled and geared a Rogue! And what was even more shocking is I’m loving playing her!


So first over to Draenor will be my Hunter & Rogue, followed the next month by my Warlock and my Warrior. My Druid and bank alt mage will also make the journey over, as will any other characters I see myself feeling the urge to play or level in future.

Frankly though I think my time on Kilrogg is now done forever. It’s been my Horde home for the entire time I’ve played the game (11 years now), but I think it’s time to call it a day for the ole homestead.

It’ll be sad not seeing my old guildmates from Thunder running around the server, but there’ll be hundreds (literally) of other guilds to get used to seeing on Draenor!

Onwards, upwards and to the future!