8.2: A Royal Invitation

So 8.2 hits live servers on the 25th/26th, and with it the first really meaty fresh content dump of the now year old Battle for Azeroth 😀

And not to brag, but I completely called it last week:

8.2 will bring with it a lot of stuff that I’m looking forward to, not least of all Flying! 😀

Whenever flying is unlocked in an expansion is when I really start to enjoy playing, especially levelling new alts, where relying on flight points and hoofing it can get tiresome, especially if you’re Horde trying to get around Zandalar where you need to use a flight point to get from portals to your seals vendor.

Conversely Alliance have a very easy time of it with everything they need within about a 20 second ride at most…

I’m also looking forward to getting that damn Bee mount, finally! It’s been teased since Blizzcon last year, and I’m very eager to get my hands on it 🙂

Gonna be bzzzzzy getting this in 8.2!

Obviously though I’m looking forward to taking on one of the few big bads left in Warcraft: Queen Azshara herself! It looks like it’ll be a fun fight, and overall the raid’s looking pretty fun too.

After that we’re left with N’Zoth in the final raid tier, and once he’s done, what do we have left to fight?

The Void Lords & The Naaru will be the final big bads of the game (yes, I said the Naaru, because they’re just as ruthless and cruel as the Void), but not before we have a redux of Legion and properly deal with Sargeras and the remaining Titans and perhaps recruit them as allies in the final fight against the really big bads.

In other news, anyone who’s been reading through my Twitter feed of late will no doubt have noticed that I’ve been picking up my Alliance characters again. In the main due to moving two of them to Magtheridon to join a friend’s guild, Foundation. They’re a world top 800->1000 guild (Uldir->BoD), and usually clear tiers on Mythic getting Cutting Edge, which is nice 🙂

So I moved over my Hunter and my Pally, the latter of which was race changed back to Human female and had to be renamed, so I went with:

I’m here to talk to you about an initiative…

To say I’m preferring her as a Human female is an understatement. I’m definitely going to hit 120 with her in the next 5 days or so, then onto levelling my Horde Warrior, Drum. These characters will be my first Plate wearing characters of BfA, so I can finally get around to picking up that sweet AF Arathi Warfront white plate set Alliance side:


I’m off work for 2 weeks, so will have plenty of time to devote to levelling both characters AND catching up with the new content drops from 8.2, including working on unlocking Flying 😀

Also PvP, still, for the damned Hippo mount!!!!111qqq

So that’s my plans set for the next week until the new patch hits, and of course it’ll be 2 weeks after that (9/10 July) before the new raid opens and Season 3 of BfA begins proper, so that gives us those 2 weeks to get caught up with Heart of Azeroth levelling ahead of the changes coming to that as well.

To say 8.2 is make or break for this expansion is no small understatement. If the devs are to turn things around, this patch needs to be a success, otherwise we’re all just gonna be counting the days until 9.0 sometime next year and subs will tank in the meantime (again).

And seeing off the final two big named villains in Warcraft history deserves an expansion befitting of them, as I’d hate to see both Azshara and N’Zoth go out in an overall damp squib (no pun intended) of an expansion…

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