Guide: Quickly & Cheaply Get 1 Full Year of Recruit a Friend rewards.

Ok, so you like the look of those Recruit A Friend rewards, and you’d like to get them yourself without waiting a full year?

What if I told you, you could get the following for £70?

4 x Months of Gametime (worth £40 alone)
2 x Mounts (Shop mounts are about £19 each)
1 x Pet (Shop pets are around £10 each)
1 x Title
1 x Backpack Transmog
1 x Full Transmog
1 x Weapon enchantment appearance

Get this stuff!

Personally, being the whale style of player I’ve already admitted to being, I thought it was a decent enough deal, especially when you factor in one important promotion:

The first month of a new player subscription, until January 6th, is currently 50% off of a normal month’s subscription cost!

What you’ll need to get this done:

Let’s begin!

Ok, so the first thing is you’re going to log in to your main account on any character, for this I chose my main character, my Hunter.

On that character open up your Friends tab, and on there you’ll find the Recruit-a-Friend sub-tab.

From there you’ll press the Recruitment button towards the bottom, and this will pop up a window allowing you to generate a web-page link. This will be your FIRST RaF link, with which you will recruit your first four “friends”.

Switch to a web browser, and login to the WoW website with your normal account. Once logged in you will need to create two new Starter accounts in your Account Settings page:

For naming purposes, from here in we’ll call your main WoW Account: Main 1.

Whilst still logged in on your main account on the website after creating the two new Starter Editions, you will use your RaF Link you generated earlier. Apply this to your two Starter Edition WoW accounts (we’ll call these WoW1 & WoW2).

This is important to note: On these two accounts, you will be forced to pay a full month’s subscription on each, no half price offer. That’s normal, because you’re logged in and using your main account, and therefore not a “new player” 😉

So you should now have the following created and paid for with a full month’s subscription:

Main 1

That’s £20 in so far (for WoW1 & WoW2).

At this point you’ve used your first RaF link twice for WoW1 & WoW2. You can use it another two times to recruit two more “friends”, as each RaF link can be used a maximum of 4 times.

This is where we start using those 10 email addresses I mentioned earlier.

Log out of your account on the website. Use the RaF link again, and this time when it asks, you will create a new account using your first new email address, we’ll call this

This is the first account where you’ll be able to use the 50% off offer for the first month’s subscription! Again, that’s located at this link:

Once you’ve subbed with the 50% offer, log out, and redo the process with your 2nd new email, creating a 2nd new account,, reusing the 50% offer link from above.

So you’ll now have the following WoW Accounts with recruits:
Main 1: WoW1 + WoW2 + RaF1 + RaF2
WoW1: None Yet
WoW2: None Yet

That will put us £30 down so far (2 x £10 & 2 x £5)

Now, what you do is log into your WoW1 account in your launcher, launch the game and create a throwaway character. Log into this character and generate a new RaF link in the in-game RaF panel as described above.

You will then repeat the process of using a new email addresses to recruit & create a new account four times, using your second RaF link to recruit the maximum 4 “friends” on that link. You’ll also get the 50% offer for your first month sub on each of those 4 new accounts as well. Remember to log out each time you’ve created and paid for a sub on the website!

So now we’ll have the following setup:
Main 1: WoW1 + WoW2 + RaF1 + RaF2
WoW1: RaF3 + RaF4 + RaF5 + RaF6
WoW2: None yet

We will now be £50 in (2 x £10, 6 x £5).

Simply repeat the process you did with your 2nd WoW account to generate a third and final RaF recruitment link on a throwaway character in-game, and use that to recruit another 4 new accounts, leaving us with:

Main 1: WoW1 + WoW2 + RaF1 + RaF2
WoW1: RaF3 + RaF4 + RaF5 + RaF6
WoW2: RaF7 + RaF8 + RaF9 + RaF10

We will now be the full £70 in, (2 x £10 and 10 x £5) and the good news is no more money to be spent!


So in short you’ll do the following:

Get 10 x new email addresses with the provider of your choice.

Login to your main character in-game and generate a RaF link in the RaF panel.

While logged into your main account on the website, create two new Starter Edition accounts, then using the RaF link generated in-game, recruit these two new WoW accounts under your main account to serve as recruiters for most of your new accounts.

You will pay full price for these two new subs! That’s OK.

You’ll recruit the first & second of your new accounts using the first RaF link you initially used to recruit WoW1 & WoW2. Ensure you’re logged out of your website account first so the website sees you as a fresh account before using it the third & fourth times.

Pay half price for these first two new subs using this link:

You’ll then create throwaway characters on each of your WoW1 & WoW2 accounts to generate 2 new RaF links, which can be used to recruit 4 new accounts each.

These 8 new accounts (4 x under WoW1 and 4 x under WoW2) will all pay half price for their first month sub!

When done you will be left with 3 WoW accounts under your main account, and 10 brand new accounts created using your 10 new email addresses (2 x recruited by Main 1, 4 by WoW1 and 4 by WoW2).

You will have spent £20 on your two new WoW accounts under your main account, and £50 in total for the ten fresh accounts using the 50% offer link (again, here), making the total outlay with the offer £70 all told.

Not using the 50% offer before January 6th will mean paying an extra £50 for a full price sub for each of the ten new accounts, bringing the total to £120, which even for me would be beyond a reasonable cost in order to get the rewards quickly.

As it is, the current £70 cost is mainly offset for me by the four months of game-time that comes with the rewards, essentially meaning you get everything else for £30!

Things to note!

Remember, when you’re done with this whole process you will need to login to each of your new RaF accounts on the website (both the 10 new accounts and the two WoW accounts under your main account) and:


You don’t want to let it roll over to a 2nd month and get hit with 12 accounts costing a full cost month’s subscription for each! Ouch!

Also note that it can and will take a fair few hours for the rewards to process once you’ve paid. You’ll get the first couple fairly quickly, but beyond that it can and does take several (three to five) hours for further rewards to process and show up.

Also, you may have to login one last time to your throwaway characters on WoW1 and WoW2 in order to force the 4 month’s rewards accrued on each to show up. No idea why, but I had to do that with both my new WoW accounts to get them to show for me.

Also, remember to redeem your rewards on your MAIN ACCOUNT! Unless you want the game-time to use on one of your new accounts, you MUST be logged into your main WoW account for the game-time to be accredited to your normal account. Remember that the 10 new accounts are just that, brand new accounts, and any account wide rewards redeemed whilst logged in on one of them WILL NOT show up on your normal account and will be limited to that specific RaF account!

It’s a long and complicated process to wrap your head around, but hopefully this will help you get the rewards a lot quicker and a lot cheaper than paying full subs and waiting for a year to get them all!