Flight to Silvermoon

Over the past few weeks I’d come to the realisation that it had been three months since I last raided with Foundation on Magtheridon.

So after not raiding for 3 months, it was time to move back to my what is now my permanent Alliance home server of Silvermoon…

Raids stopped, suddenly, when we were told that we didn’t have enough bodies to carry on with Mythic and that the raid we were sitting in would be the last. No-one knew if the team would reform for 8.3, and things were left kinda up in the air…

Since then, we’ve lost a few of our regulars to Horde or to the progression team who have now managed to kill Mythic Azshara!

All mention of the 2nd team was wiped from the WoW Progress guild page, and recruitment for the 2nd team hasn’t been happening from what I’ve seen 🙁

So I recently attended a heroic raid clear with my Silvermoon guild, Fade, on my Death Knight who was still in the guild there, and was asked by the GM if I’d come back.

After thinking about it and realising how long it had been since I’d actually properly raided, I decided to make the switch.

I informed the Foundation 2nd team’s raid leader then moved three characters:

My main Foundation Hunter (my gnome)

My unguilded Monk (Void Elf female)

My unguilded 110 Mage (Void Elf male)

I intend to level my Mage & Priest over the Xmas break, but with his move that puts all my remaining classes not yet at 120 all now on the one server.

So now what?

So the plan now is to remain full time on Silvermoon. No more character moves beyond bringing other Alliance 120s to Silvermoon to stay.

If I ever roll a Horde character, which is unlikely, it’ll be on Draenor. Perhaps a Belf Hunter, purely because I love both Blood Elves and Hunters 😀

Those are going to be my two home servers from now on. I can’t be bothered with having characters strewn over more than half a dozen servers. I’ll now stick to the two largest servers, one per faction, and live with it.

It also means all my gold is now on one server, and my DK no longer has to make do with a mere 7k gold 😉

I’ve left several characters in Foundation, namely my Druid, Paladin, Rogue and 2nd Hunter. The Paladin might follow in a week or two to Silvermoon, but I may leave the two leather classes on Magtheridon. At least for the next few months anyway.

So that gives me the following character roster:

Silvermoon (Alliance)

Death Knight
Mage @ 110
Shaman @ 110
Priest @ 110
Demon Hunter @ 110
Warrior @ 110

Magtheridon (Alliance)


Draenor (Horde)


Kilrogg (Horde)


That’s Ten level 120 characters, with Mage, Shaman, Demon Hunter & Priest on Silvermoon to level to have every class at 120 for entering Shadowlands (at level 50 after the squish).

I’ll likely level my Silvermoon warrior as well to give me 2 x level 120 Warriors, split by faction as per my Monks.

I don’t see me ever going back to Horde, and with having recently purchased the £80 version of Shadowlands I now have a level 120 boost to use. That may go on a Warlock to give me a 120 Warlock on Alliance, but I’m undecided as yet.

I could keep it for during Shadowlands if I want to have a quick max level, but it would probably be better to use it before 9.0 as levelling a character to 50 should, in theory, be a lot quicker than levelling one to 120, even using Korrak’s Revenge as a speed leveller, so if I want to get the maximum benefit from using the boost, that may be a better idea.

Regardless of everything else, it’s Christmas Eve, so I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a cracking New Year!